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Local singer stretches her musical legs



Who: Laura Nedelak

Where : The Shack

When: Nov. 24

They say stretching the body, stretches the mind, a combo that worked for local singer-songwriter Laura Nedelak.

After a weekend yoga retreat on Saltspring Island, Nedelak visited a local recording studio nearby. This led to working with Robert Frost at Falling Leaves in Ganges Harbour, while playing open mic nights regularly at The Treehouse Restaurant.

"The island is an artistic community, where everyone is really open to originals," says Nedelak, whose first CD, Out of the Water includes acoustic folk sounding singles like Conversation, with the lingering slowness of island time.

"You go wherever the music takes you – playing with Barry (Seld) allows us to feed off one another," adds Nedelak, who will take January through March 2002 to train and record vocals with Shania Twain’s former coach back at Saltspring Island.

Nedelak fills a gap that’s been missing in the live music scene in terms of indie female solo performers. She also covers tunes by LA’s favourite former waitress Sheryl Crow, Phd rejectors The Indigo Girls, and poet Jewel.

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