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Local runners on top of Loop the Lakes



The first running of a half marathon distance in the Loop the Lakes trail run in Squamish was successful with close to 50 runners taking on the 21.1km distance.

Local runners Brad Schalles and Nick Elson battled for the lead, with Schalles crossing the line in 1:23:52, and Elson just five seconds later. Eric Carter of Vancouver was the third male in 1:27:58. All three runners were in the male 20 to 29 category.

The top female racer was Chessa Adsit-Morris of Vancouver in 1:40:27, followed by Shannon Thompson of Vancouver in 1:45:45 and Kandice Keith of Brackendale in 1:51:40. They placed first in the 20 to 29, 30 to 39 and women's 40-plus categories respectively.

The top Whistler runner was Kathryn Svenson in 2:11:33, placing seventh in the 30 to 39-age category. Vicki Romanin finished in 2:13:49, Sonia Mahoney in 2:18:19 and Tess Geddes in 2:58:47.

In the 15km category, Vincent Pagot of Whistler was the fastest runner by far, finishing in 1:16:20, almost four minutes ahead of the 1:20:12 posted by Graham Shea of Brackendale.

Laura Bestow of Whistler placed third overall and was the top female runner in 1:21:11.

Michael Mooip of Furry Creek was the third male and first in the male 40-plus category in 1:21:15. The second and third female were Celia Roulston and Michelle Mark in seventh and ninth respectively in 1:23:58 and 1:25:18.

Mike Foston of Coquitlam won the 8km race in 44:36, followed by Cole Reade of Whistler in 48:44 and Kyle Stainton of Squamish in 49:38. Aimee Schalles of Squamish was the top female racer in fifth overall in 50:23, followed by Alyce Harper of Vancouver in seventh in 52:08 and Sheena Cholewka of Squamish in ninth in 52:47.

Mark Coates was the fastest Whistler runner in 49:46, placing fourth overall and second in the male 30 to 39 category.

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