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Local rescue squad saves Lillooet wedding



Groom caught between rock and hard place

Some weddings have unexpected twists and turns but what happened in Lillooet last Saturday takes the, er, cake.

Lillooet RCMP, St’at’imc Tribal Police, Pemberton Search and Rescue and a helicopter had to be called in after the groom and another man got stuck on a mountainside during a traditional First Nations ceremony.

According to Lillooet RCMP Sgt. Greg Browning, the two members of a local native band were climbing Marriage Rock between Lillooet and Seton Lake to meet the bride and the rest of the wedding party.

Things went wrong when the two men took a dead-end route and became stranded on a ledge 250 metres above the ground and 90 metres from the top.

Lillooet RCMP attempted to rescue the duo by rappelling down from the top of the cliff but their ropes were too short for the task.

Approximately 100 onlookers had gathered on the side of Highway 99 to witness the spectacle.

Pemberton SAR was then called and arrived via helicopter. The team quickly geared up, rappelled down to the stranded men and then brought them up to the top of the bluff, where the wedding ceremony continued.

"They were in good spirits," Browning said of the two would-be mountaineers. "They just climbed themselves into a corner."

No word on whether or not cake was served to everyone.

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