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Local musicians band together against hunger



Feeling cozy in the Crystal Lounge, 100 plus people crammed in to jam, sing and celebrate local Rasta Kostas Lymbertos, a.k.a. Kostaman’s birthday Sunday, Oct. 2.

Sunday also celebrated the launch of Bands Against Hunger, an organization formed here in Whistler by Lymbertos himself.

Lymbertos’s band, The Kostaman Band, has been fundraising for various causes for a while. The idea to start their own fundraiser came to Lymbertos after watching the film, Born into Brothels, a documentary on children of the red light district in Calcutta.

"When I saw that movie I decided something had to be done," said Lymbertos.

At first the idea wasn’t clear, but determined to get things going, Lymbertos decided on a penny drive to launch the project. Giant jars decorated the Crystal’s tables, collecting about $70 in change for the newly formed charity.

Bands Against Hunger is meant to bring musicians together to help make a difference both locally and globally. Upcoming events for Bands Against Hunger include a CD launch/food drive. Guests can gain entrance to the party with a non-perishable food item and help out our locals.

As well, Lymbertos hopes others will band together to create a compilation CD to raise funds and recognition for the charity.

So far, the Kostaman Band, Rob Funk, DJ Throh and the Dub Empire Band are the founding members. Other bands, and solo musicians are encouraged to take part. Musicians wishing to help out can contact Kostaman at www.kostaman.com, a website for Bands Against Hunger will be up soon at www.bandsagainsthunger.com.