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Local Deadheads very much alive


Who: Dark Star

Where: Boot Pub

When: Monday, March 22

It’s ironic, but as a group Deadheads will never die.

It doesn’t matter that Bishop Garcia has long passed from this world. The jam goes on, and on, and on.

Dig it.

Still, many fans of the genre around these parts might have become concerned that that one of Whistler’s favourite Dead incarnations, Dark Star, had gone the way of the Grateful Figurehead.

But never fear. It was a mere hiatus for the local jam-sters. The kind that seems to sneak up on a band when there are wives and kids and business and various other elements that offer exceptional competition to rehearsals and tours and late night recording sessions.

Dark Star frontman Douglas Kerr and his musical cohorts take back the Boot this Monday night for one of their good ol’ groove trips. Joining Kerr at the old haunt will be Star standards Todd Taylor on guitar, Dave McPeak on bass, and Jordan White on his ancient but luscious Hammond organ, held together with twine, tape, wire and the blessings of the jam gods.

Kerr says Star fans can expect a familiar mix of Grateful Dead and hippie folk covers along with songs from the band’s album duo of Mountain Sites and Smoke’s Gettin’ Thick .

And bet that it will be played with the pure joy and appreciation that is awarded those bands that pick up a show or two every so often rather than doggedly pursue a goal-oriented gig marathon.

Dark Star will keep coming back for the love of the jam.

Somewhere, Saint Jerry is smiling.

For more information on the return of Dark Star for the Boot’s Monday Madness live music night call 604-932-3338.

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