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Live, but not unplugged

Renowned UK breakbeat DJ, producer set to debut new live band, spring album



Who: Freeland Band

When: Thursday, March 12

Where: Maxx Fish

Cost: $25 at the door

Adam Freeland may be known for his club-rocking anthems and party bangers, but there's more to this UK-born DJ and producer than first meets the eye.


These days, he's been spending a considerable amount of time with preproduction work and rehearsals for his live band, known simply as Freelan.


"I've been DJing professionally for like 13 years, and I love it, but it's like touring with your mates as a whole collective, and that collective live performance..." he trailed off.


This new musical endeavour helps to keep things interesting and exciting, offering a new challenge to the experienced musician.


Freeland began working on developing a live group years ago, releasing their first album Now and Them back in 2003. That album featured a rotating cast of musicians and vocalists, but Freeland felt the approach lacked crucial focus, and what the group really needed was a front man.


"It's funny what the universe dangles in your path," Freeland began. "I've always been saying, 'I really need a front man, I really need a front man!' and 'It's really hard to find a good front man,' ... and I realized I'd never actually looked!"


The day after Freeland began his search, he met Kurt Baumann, who is now the lead vocalist and bass player for the three-piece touring group.


"He's a German Texan - amazing guy, great voice, very charismatic - and I've always kind of been looking for someone like him, because I'm not a singer and I always wanted someone to front the band," Freeland explained


Freeland himself handles the keyboards, computers and backing vocals, while Eric Tateuaca mans the drummer and acts as another backing vocalist.


The reinvented Freeland group just wrapped up their sophomore album, Cope , Freeland's first artist album in almost six years, which will be released in June.


"This is the second album I've done as Freeland... but this album has a whole different cast to the first album," Freeland said.


Cope features some of Freeland's "heroes" - Tommy Lee of Motley Crue played drums, Alex Metric co-produced, Twiggy Ramirez plays bass, Joey Santiago of the Pixies and Tony Bevilacqua of Distillers/Spinerette plays guitar, and there are guest vocals from Brody Dalle and Gerry from Devo.