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Lisa Ames moving to Squamish

Pemberton councillor to remain in her post



Imagine living in a community governed almost entirely by people who don't live within its boundaries.

Almost none of them pay property taxes into the community and they vote on issues and developments pertaining to a community that they don't necessarily belong to, at least on paper. It's like being in Whistler and having to gripe to councillors who live in communities such as Squamish, Lillooet and Black Tusk Village.

That's the situation the Village of Pemberton finds itself in, and only more so next month when a popular member of council moves to Squamish but has vowed to stay in her job until her term is finished next year.

Lisa Ames, a realtor with the Whistler Real Estate Company who campaigned for council on the phrase "I believe in Pemberton," confirmed to Pique via e-mail early Tuesday that she'll be leaving town next month for the southern end of the corridor so she can be "closer to family."

The move will put her approximately 90 kilometres away from town but she insists she'll still be able to do her job on council.

"I feel that I have valuable knowledge of the area and the people," she wrote. "I remain committed to serving the best interests of the community as I have for many years. All the constituents who have spoken to me directly have been very supportive of my decision to continue on council."

The distance, she said, won't be particular to her on Pemberton council. She noted that she'll only be "15 minutes further out" than other councillors.

Though she didn't mention any names, it's possible she was talking about Councillor Susie Gimse, who lives in Birken and doubles as director for Area C of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, which includes unincorporated areas adjacent to the Village of Pemberton. Birken is located just over 30 kilometres from Pemberton.

Ames's departure from Pemberton means that there's only one village resident left on council: Ted Craddock, who lives in Pemberton's Glen neighbourhood. Next month he's the only one paying property taxes to the Village of Pemberton and voting on issues that pertain to his community directly. As of next month, the rest of council lives in Area C or Squamish.

As for her business, Ames said she'll be splitting her duties between Squamish and Pemberton, selling properties in both communities.