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Lindsey edges Ryan in Richie’s Rally



In Whistler, there is no shortage of steep, technical lines to choose from, with hardcore freeride descents etched into the terrain on both sides of the valley - or mountain pass, if you want to get technical with the geography.

But few areas have as much to offer as the West Side, where the Flank Trail provides an uphill staging area for some of the most challenging rides in town. It's this area that provided the venue for the inaugural Richie's Rally, a new event created by freeride legend Richie Schley and Grant Lamont that took place on three technical descents. Riders had to get to the start lines under their own power and were timed from top to bottom. Cumulative times determined the overall ranking.

The three descents were 1) High Society to 3 Birds and AC DC; 2) Cheap Thrills to Beaver Pond and Danimal North, and; 3) Billy's Epic to Rebob.

Despite the diverse selection of trails the competition was tight. The top male racer was American Ariel Lindsey, who completed the three legs in 29 minutes and 17 seconds.

Whistler's Matt Ryan kept it close, finishing second in 29:25. Dylan Wolsky, who won the Four Queens race in July, was third in 30:47.

Sylvie Allen was the top female rider, with a combined time of 35:43, followed by Brook Baker in 37:34 and Katrina Strand in 39:40.

Mahon Lamont was the top junior rider in 35:07, with Max Hatzaner placing a close second in 35:22.



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