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Lil’wat Nations enters $4.5 million forestry agreement

The Lil’wat Nation has signed a $4.5 million forestry agreement with the provincial government.



"This agreement recognizes the historic and present day connection the Lil’wat people have to the land," said Lil’wat chief Leonard Andrew in a press release.

"It recognizes Lil’wat interests in the land. Concurrently this agreement will allow our community to increase its capacity in the forest sector."

Through the agreement the Lil’wat will gain access to 290,500 cubic metres of timber of the Soo timber supply area and $4.5 million in revenue sharing over five years. Of the total timber volume, 18,000 cubic metres are immediately available in the Soo and the remainder, which is managed by Interfor and/or Western Forest Products, will become available once the government has finished its reallocation process.

Under the Forestry Revitalization Plan the government committed to reallocated timber lot communities, woodlot operators, and First Nations to diversify the economy. Timber companies are compensated during the reallocation process for loss of timber and any infrastructure they may have put in.

Since September 2002 the government has signed agreements with 85 First Nations providing a total of $84.6 million and 13.3 million cubic metres of timber over the term of the agreements.

"The Lil’wat Nation is working to expand their economy and this announcement will be an important step in that direction," said West Vancouver Garibaldi MLA Ted Nebbeling.

In a similar reallocation, the N’Quatqua First Nation of D’Arcy will gain access to 41,805 cubic metres of timber in the Soo timber supply area. N’Quatqua will also receive nearly $700,000 in revenue sharing over five years.

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