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‘Life Coaching’ assistance fund established


Whistler Community Services Society has added another new program to its list this year: the Life Coaching Assistance Fund. This assistance is based on the same concept as WCSS’s Counselling Assistance Fund, where subsidies are given to financially restricted individuals seeking counselling.

The Life Coaching Assistance Fund will provide up to $50/hour toward private coaching sessions with a certified Life Coach, for up to five sessions. There are a few Life Coaches in Whistler from whom to choose.

So, what is Life Coaching?

At different times in life people can find themselves feeling stuck, bored, frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled and completely out of balance. Essentially they are not doing the things they want to do or living the life they want to live. Life Coaching provides the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of oneself while at the same time taking action to move forward. Working with a trained Life Coach, individuals (and organizations) focus on the core personal issues central to increasing success, such as goal setting, time management, life planning and conflict resolution.

A certified Life Coach sees his/her client as a creative, resourceful and whole person who is capable (with some guidance) of finding the keys to achieving his or her own goals. It is the coach’s role to hold clients to their agenda through goal setting and planning, which in turn allows the client to stay focused on their larger life agenda.

The coaching model is a designed alliance that is completely confidential between coach and client. Coaching is not a quick fix, but rather a long term, structured, co-active relationship designed to achieve positive change for the individual. Coaching seeks to maximize effectiveness and achieve success rather than drastically changing an already successful individual.

Decision-making in the face of life’s constantly changing variables can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Living in Whistler provides its own unique set of challenges to add to the confusion. Seeking the assistance of a Life Coach to get back on track, or create a life plan can reduce stress and add greater fulfillment to life.

For more information about the program call Whistler Community Services office at 932-0113.

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