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Library gets room to breathe The biggest borrowing in the history of the Whistler Public Library is scheduled to take place starting Monday. According to Joan Richoz, librarian at the Whistler Public Library, the entire 14,000 volume collection is going to be boxed up and carted to the library's brand new digs on Main Street. The new 2,880 square foot facility is actually the portable units which used to house the Post Office. When Canada Post relocated to a new space in Marketplace, the portables were loaned to the library as a temporary relief to their space problems. "Finally our books will have a chance to breathe," says Richoz with a sigh as she dreams of the new library - double the size of the 1,400 square foot space currently housing the collection in the basement of the municipal hall. The library will be closed from Dec. 5 to 12 to facilitate the move. Richoz says not only will the increased space be a bonus, there will be more parking and better access to the library facilities. Richoz says they are looking for volunteers to assist in the move and interest has been good so far. "We just hope it doesn't snow a lot because people have been telling us they will come help as long as it doesn't snow 20 centimetres." Once in their new building, library staff will be working to implement a new automation program which will allow people with computers and modems to access the library catalog from their homes. The library has been in its current space since 1986. It was scheduled to relocate by 1990, but plans continually fell through, until this new space was found - although this one is temporary as well. "We have been told by the municipality that we will be in the new location for three to five years and then it will be time to move again" she says. "We will be sitting right in the middle of a parking lot that will be in great demand by developers around there once that area starts being developed."

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