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Library given $15,000 gift from American Friends of Whistler

Gift honours former AFOW president Rod Rohda for his contributions


Whistler Public Library has been given a $15,000 gift from the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW), which will help it revamp the library’s service area to make it more accessible and welcoming to users.

The gift is to honour former AFOW president Rod Rohda for his contributions to the organization.

“I can’t thank the American Friends of Whistler enough for their generous gift,” said Library Board chair Gordon Annan. “This allows us to move forward with our planned service model changes for the library, the final phase of a year-long organizational restructuring process.”

The library serves 700 to 800 visitors per day and permanent residents of Whistler use library programs and services 403 per cent more than their B.C. neighbours. The library collection has 49,000 items.

The AFOW was founded in 2002 to enhance the Whistler community and foster understanding and friendship between Canadians and Americans.

Since its inception, the organization has raised almost $1.1 million and given away $950,000 to local organizations including Whistler Search and Rescue, Whistler Community Services Society and the Whistler Walk Safe program.