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Liberals use Whistler to rally for next election, announce spending

New Democrats warn it’s no way to run a province



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"There are 248,000 children under the age of six years old in the province of British Columbia and I want to make sure that every child that lives in B.C. has the benefit of timely early learning diagnostic tests and to timely treatments if they’ve got a challenge.

By the end of the year Campbell said the government would allocate $55-million to increase disability benefits, which should result in a $70 increase in monthly cheques to people with a disability.

Joan McIntyre-Pottinger will be vying for the Liberal party nomination in West Vancouver-Garibaldi on Dec. 14 and 15 to replace Ted Nebbeling, who is retiring from politics.

Pottinger said many of the Premier’s announcements, "underline that the provincial economy has indeed turned a corner. These initiatives should help most families from D'Arcy to West Vancouver in one way or another," said Pottinger.

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