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Squamish Midwives Now


Turn down the suck

Ever wonder why there are so few local bands in Whistler? Well, for starters, there is no place for bands to practice. I have been an active musician in this town for 10 years and it has always been a struggle to find somewhere to practice. There is always the option of playing in your rental if it happens to be a house, but you can bet it won't be long ‘til the police arrive. The next option is MY Place, our band practiced there for almost four years paying affordable rates. We were renting the stage out for $25/hour with the agreement that if anyone else wanted to rent it at the normal rate of $100/hour we would get bumped (which was fine), or we could play in one of the smaller practice rooms for $10/hour. Well no more, the new rates are $100/hour for the stage with a two-hour minimum or the small practice room (which is by no means designed for band practices ) for $35/hour. What indie band has that kind of money? We have already lost our local record store and it won't be long before there are no bands left in this town.

Jamie Weatherbie



Disco donations

Myrtle Philip Community School Parent Advisory Council (MPCS-PAC) held its first, but hopefully annual Valentine’s Disco fundraiser on Feb. 14. All elementary-aged kids in Whistler were invited to this fun, fast and loud event! DJ Steve Jui created a groovy atmosphere for the over 300 kids attending with his great choice of tunes incorporating many requests from the students of MPCS.

We would like to thank Origin Design for their brightly coloured, eye-catching posters, Steve Jui for spinning the tunes, McDonalds Whistler for supplying the water containers and cups for the thirsty party revelers, all the parent volunteers that kept the order and all the students from Spring Creek and Alta Lake schools for attending. We can’t wait until we get to party together again!!