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Jamie May



Breaking the skier’s code Below is a letter from one of our passholders who collided with another passholder, breaking her leg. I asked for this letter from the offender so we could put it in as a letter to the editor. I think there are quite a few people that read the letters and hopefully this will prevent some injuries by getting a few people to think about The Alpine Responsibility code when they're out riding: "You can't be too careful! Dec. 24, 8:30 a.m.—Hardly anyone in sight and I enter the top of the Dave Murray. What could be better, right? I love riding fast, as we all do in the right circumstances. Then over the last roller and…time stands still and there she was! I thought I had a clear run, I hadn't seen anyone; I make a point of riding slowly when there are people around, so this was a great opportunity, but.... It can happen to you! Take a minute to think of your reaction after being told your friend has been injured in a collision, or your parent, or worse one of your grandparents. Sorry.”

—7 year resident." Submitted by Bob Lynch Mountain Safety Supervisor


I read last week’s letters to the editor with some disdain. While it was nice to welcome the new daycare to Pemberton let us not forget that this newest daycare was happy to take all of the equipment away from the current Pemberton Daycare, located at the community centre and operating since 1995. The parent board of the Pemberton Childcare Society worked with Pemberton Day Care and then left. The partnership ended and the childcare society took all the money raised by the parents of the daycare society, as well as the van and the equipment.

I think that the biggest slap in the face was the PCCS receiving the citizen of the year award from the Chamber. The money that was raised until 2005 was raised through the daycare at the community centre by parents, staff and supporters. The new daycare would not exist had it not been for Pemberton Day Care. To all of the staff at the Pemberton Day Care, thank you for your hard work. Our children have enjoyed the fun and active environment.