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2) Barriers between on-coming traffic in “tricky” sections (barriers would have saved a life on Friday). And…

3) Paying attention. Don’t look at the scenery, don’t mess around with the radio, don’t try to text message your wife at home; you just have to please watch where and how you’re driving and be courteous to other drivers.

Now of my five near misses lines, barriers, and attentive driving would not have prevented all of them, but it would have prevented three or four. That’s a 60 to 80 per cent decrease in close calls for one driver. Isn’t it worth it to take another look at barriers and high-visibility lines?

Notice I haven’t mentioned snow tires. Don’t get me started — mandatory snow tires, too, but I’ll leave that one for another time.

Nigel Praine



What about the fans?

If you are interested in cheering on our Canadian athletes today or tomorrow in their World Cup races you better start hiking.

In all their wisdom the organizers have decided that if you want to be at the finish line to show your support for our Canadian athletes you should hike up the mountain from Dusty's. As a fan of World Cup Ski Racing I couldn't wait to check out the first day of training on Tuesday. Knowing that the road up to the finish was for sponsors and athletes access only I figured that I would park at the Creekside and get a shuttle up.

Nope, no shuttle. You are more than welcome to strap on your skis, catch a couple lifts and watch the top third of the race from a few different vantage points but if you want to be at the finish to make our Canadian athletes really feel loved you have a whole different experience in store for you. With this event as a run up to the Olympics I can only hope that things will change. In a resort where we constantly strive to provide exceptional service and exceed guest expectations this decision baffles me. Hotels like The Four Season's and The Westin provide a Ski Concierge so that our guests won't have to walk all the way back to their hotel room but if you are a World Cup fan who has travelled from Europe you’re hiking for a half hour. Seniors and the disabled? Good luck.

I'll be at the bottom of the race course today (maybe a little sweaty from the hike) but for some reason I'm betting there will not be more then a couple hundred non-officials there. When the race highlights are broadcast around the ski world in the days to come it will not send the best message that we are ready to put on a world-class event.