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The first is when the rockslide happened around 1995 or ‘96 by the old salt sheds. The rocks came through my front and side windows, and closed the three lanes of highway for two weeks. Lucky to be alive.  

The second was when a car lost control going northbound and turned sideways right in front of me. I was going southbound, and I missed him by less than an inch. Lucky to be alive.  

The third was when a car traveling southbound stopped to turn right into Brew Creek.   I of course had to stop, there was nowhere else to go. Now I’m watching a transport in my rearview mirror, smoke billowing from its tires and starting to roll over onto two wheels.   Luckily the car in front of me turns out of the way which allows me to floor it to get out of the transport’s way. With me now moving again, and no cars coming towards us at that precise moment, it gives the transport drover enough room to straighten the truck and not roll over. Great driving skill. And lucky to be alive.  

Number four: I’m traveling northbound. I’ve just crossed over BOB (Big Orange Bridge).   There’s a southbound snowplow in my lane.   I see him and hit the shoulder to avoid him.   I continue on and a few minutes later realize there’s no one behind me any more. I hear on the radio about a southbound snowplow colliding with a northbound van at BOB. Lucky to be alive.  

And finally there was last Friday. We leave Whistler at 4:30 p.m.   I carpool and luckily one of our members was three minutes late. We were stopped at BOB at 5 p.m. and waited for five hours while they cleared a limo and a car/van off the road. They were three minutes ahead of us. Lucky to be alive.  

Now you ask, what’s the point of this letter? Here’s my point. I have to say I feel I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge about this highway, and there are three simple things that would save lives:

1) Lines that actually reflect at night during the rain.