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Cliff Miller

Squamish, B.C.


I am writing on behalf of the numerous residents of the D'Arcy/Birken area. Last week the Pique published a letter about the route from Whistler to the ferries and how many potholes there are in the road. I am not by any mean attempting to make these potholes seem small and insignificant. But for all who travel this road these conditions are small peanuts compared to what us northern residents suffer at the hands of the non-existant road crews. I have to give my thanks to the one snowplower who actually came up the road a few times this year when he was needed, but he was on it so few times. The condition of the road to D'Arcy is insufferable, there are potholes big enough to hide a small trailer in. There is no way to track where they are or how many because there are way too many. If you would ever like to know what whiplash feels like just come visit us at the end of the road. There have been many times this year where myself and others have lost a little control on the road because of a pothole. You get one big enough, hit it just right, (usually landing after hitting another one), and at the right speed (even 50 km/h will do), and you will be able to feel the whole vehicle taking a trip of its own. When I contacted the Ministry of Transportation about the condition of the road they were unresponsive, I am still waiting to hear back almost two months later.

Dianna Fitzgerald



Lucky To Be Alive

I’ve been driving Highway 99 for 17 years, back and forth. You see, I, like many others, live in Brackendale and work in Whistler. I see my fair share of idiots on the road. But this story is not about all those idiots. It’s about all the near misses I’ve had.