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They appeared completely sober and their friends all confirmed that they were brothers playing together. This whole scene really upset me. Have the RCMP learned nothing from the incident in the Vancouver airport? Are they so convinced that they must be right they cannot admit to an honest mistake and let the boys go? Things need to change!

In closing I wanted to let the boys mother know that they were not behaving badly, and did not deserve a night in the drunk tank. I hope your family presses charges against these officers.

Kate Laird


Pay to play

This letter is in regards to Grouse Mountain sending the rescue bill to the backcountry venturers — (clap, clap, clap!). Good job. Maybe it will teach people that they are playing with something much bigger than they are and they will think twice before going for that fresh line.

People need to realize that search and rescue costs money and other peoples’ time. And with the recent popularity of getting lost, maybe this will deter the people that shouldn’t be out there in the first place. Perhaps locally Whistler-Blackcomb could install transceiver gates at access points to the local backcountry to prevent unprepared (and most importantly) unknowing people from entering the backcountry. Just my two cents.

Ryan McKeem


Composting at home

First off, I'd like to say that it is great that you included in this week’s paper the article about Green Resolutions for 2008. Yet one thing disturbed me. How vague can you be about composting household/kitchen waste? People in this town only know that you cannot compost, and they tend to not think outside the box. Why not offer them alternative ideas so they don't just pass the notion by? I have a few worm bins in my house, which require very little maintenance, yet provide an abundance of soil for me, and a significant decrease in my household waste. They are odour-free, hassle-free, and fun to observe! Why have you failed to provide people with such a simple idea on how to compost for themselves? All I ask is that you provide ideas for those who don't tend to seek them out on their own. Otherwise the article was great as well as extremely necessary.