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Just this past week there was an incident where some skaters were politely asked to leave at 10 p.m. and they ended up physically and verbally threatening the security guard who was just doing his job. We were lucky that these yahoos wisely decided to leave without further incident because you can be sure had the situation escalated we would have lost the park right then and there. (If anyone knows the parties involved, please contact the WSA, we would love to talk to them and find out why what happened happened.)

Again, we would like to remind the skateboard community that this space has been provided to us as a gift and we must respect it and the people in charge of the space. One more incident like the one mentioned above and there will simply be no more discussions, the park will be closed.

Finally, we always knew the space in the underground was just a temporary solution, the parking spaces are desperately needed now, especially as the Olympics approach. We have come to the decision that the Creekside Underground Skatepark will remain open until the late fall of 2008. From now until then, we will be discussing various locations where we could (re)build a new and improved indoor skatepark and there are some really exciting possibilities on the table right now. We would like to invite anyone, young or old, to make suggestions and work with us to ensure the future of skateboarding in Whistler will be great.

Lenny Rubenovitch

Brian Hockenstein

Founding memebers of the Whistler Skateboard Association

Boys will be boys

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Whistler with my fiancé and my family. It was a wonderful holiday, everyone was so friendly!

However there was one incident that I witnessed on New Year’s Eve that was totally appalling. After a wonderful evening in The Keg, we left to walk home. Just outside The Keg were two young boys (around 17 years old) wrestling with each other. They were not throwing punches.

Six RCMP officers came at them, tackling one of the boys hard and smashing his head down onto the pavement. The boys were very polite to the officers despite being humiliated in front of so many people and told the officers that they were brothers and were just playing. Instead of letting the boys go, they were marched off in cuffs... the one boy I am sure had a concussion from how hard he was hit by the officers.