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Alex Kleinman  


Help the bears

Sometimes I feel we are becoming to complacent about the bear situation. Perhaps people are oblivious or bored with bear aware issues.

I'm concerned because I was just at the recycling/garbage facility in Function (Monday, 2 p.m.) and there was a young bear trying to get into the dumpster, and though there were people around no one was trying to stop it.

I walked towards it clapping and yelling, and he did move on, after trying to crawl under the dumpster for something.

It makes me angry and frustrated to think that people are letting bears hang around the dump and not making the bear move on. When I see bears misbehaving I try and encourage them to move on, I assume that helps them learn they are not welcome there.

I wish those who do not care or respect these amazing animals would try and step out of their self-centred roles and do the basics to help them, instead of doing nothing — which encourages bad bear behaviour.

I worry that by reporting the bear I have made his plight worse. All I can do is try and help them and hope that most Whistlerites are doing the same.   Karen Thomson


DPAC concerned by schedule

This letter was addressed to the board of School District 48. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

Last night our District Parents’ Advisory Council met to discuss the proposed school closures for the 2009-2010 school year. Representatives from VANOC and the RMOW were present to answer questions from our members, in addition to Trustees Walden, Fenton and Superintendent Rick Erickson as well as Marjorie Reimer from the HSTA (Howe Sound Teachers Association). We had representation from all of our district’s 14 schools with the exception of Garibaldi Highlands, Stawamus and Blackwater Creek. During the business part of our meeting we passed a motion regarding the proposed policy that:

• Until the care and instructional needs of all elementary school students can be met by facilities in the communities, DPAC recommends these schools stay open.

• DPAC supports the schedule for high school students provided they are properly prepared for provincial exams and that other opportunities are provided, especially for students at risk, during the closure period.

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