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The next point that seems to come out is the long-term maintenance and cost of running the ice surface. With diminishing hotel tax revenues how are we going to keep paying for the operation? I guess we could keep reducing funding to the NGO’s that we support as a community or maybe when the business plan for the legacies society comes out there will be a line item that provides for this kind of operational need, or maybe not. At this point we have not been assured that the venues that we have can be properly funded for operations and maintenance.

Many words have been bandied about the cost of this initiative. Given that this would be ours (the community’s) to fund I am nervous. Almost every project connected to the 2010 program has had significant cost problems. Do we think we can avoid these?

As someone in the construction industry said to me when he hears innovative and cutting edge and it has never been done in this format, it says “be prepared for unplanned costs to be a major factor”. Do we really want to be the agency that puts even more pressure on the over heated construction industry in this area? One spinoff effect would be to bring more highly paid construction workers into the community, putting even more pressure on the housing market which, as we know, is already having problems accommodating the people the existing businesses are looking for.

Although the built environment is important our community is about the outdoors and our stories. The world’s best athletes are coming and they along with our mountain icons will be leaving a legacy of human endeavour. The Arts, Culture, Sustainability and Heritage community, along with many other organizations, will be hard pressed to make ends meet after 2010, lets make sure we have a little cushion of cash to deal with 2011.

Anyway, I was just thinking!... How about you? Speak out, there isn’t much time left to do so.

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