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Robin J. Harvey

CommunicationsMarketing Director

NSMBA Richard Juryn Memorial Fund

Help on the road

On Sunday night we were driving home from Squamish to Whistler when a bear ran from behind a passing vehicle right into our vehicle. The damage was extensive and we're still not too sure about the condition of the bear, as it ran off into the woods. The police were called but the hopes of finding the bear are slim to none.

Our vehicle wasn't in any condition to drive and it was getting dark and very late as we sat on the side of the road wondering if anyone was going to stop and assist us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the man in the blue van that stopped by to take a look at our "smoking" vehicle, Payless Towing and also a big thank you to James Gablehouse for picking us up and getting us home safely! It's comforting to know what great people we have living all around us! Thank you all!

Darryl and Rae Booth


Muddy waters

Crabapple Creek has undergone many changes in the last 100 years. Understandably the building of roads, housing developments, ski hills and golf courses put a huge burden on its environmental integrity.

Fortunately there was a strong initiative from the Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group (WFSG) and the Whistler Golf Course to bring stability to this still vibrant stream.

A certain amount of sediment input is to be expected from roads and the development on Whistler Mountain when water sheds off the steep gradients. It would appear that this silt bedload has increased substantially in the last number of years. Most rain events turn the stream to the colour of chocolate milk.

It would appear that the culprit of these muddy waters lies in the development of the Whistler Bike Park and the VANOC infrastructure. While Whistler Mountain can showcase many strong environmental initiatives it needs to address this siltation problem in the near future.

Eric Crowe


Illegal activity must stop

RE: Off-road use of motorized vehicles at Mosquito Lake

I am a resident of Ivey Lake Estates near Mount Currie and Pemberton, and, like many other locals, use the Mosquito Lake area for responsible recreation. I have been doing this for 13 years and have been able to observe many changes in the area. One change which has been most objectionable to me is the increased use by motorized off-road vehicles. It has now come to the point where I avoid going up there at busy times because of the almost continuous roar of dirt bikes, ATV's, and 4x4 trucks. But sometimes avoidance is impossible. One day in the late summer, while sitting on our patio, I heard a truck working all day on the hillside. There is now a steep 4x4 route up the hill, and 50 young replanted trees were felled in the process.

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