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We can make a difference

Our group, the Whistler Social Sustainability Speakers Series, is very excited to present renowned Canadian humanitarian, Stephen Lewis, this Friday, Oct 19 at 7 p.m. The Howe Sound School Board has donated the use of space at Whistler Secondary. Whistler Community Services Society has supported this initiative. Students have been studying Mr. Lewis and HIV/AIDS in Africa and have produced an amazing Power Point that will go out to our district schools next week with local grandmothers.

There is a perception that this is a depressing topic. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all sunshine and puppy dogs, but there is a very uplifting message coming from Africa. We can help and our help makes a difference. The Grade 7 students from Spring Creek didn’t focus on the negatives, they have presented a sensitive, factual and in the end — positive presentation. I expect Mr. Lewis will do the same.

Anyone that has heard him speak, and if you are a CBC listener you probably have, will tell you that Stephen is one of the most powerful and passionate speakers they have ever heard. He learned at his daddy’s knee, David Lewis, and he was mentored by Tommy Douglas (“The Greatest Canadian”). This Friday you will have an opportunity to hear someone that is a world leader in Global Social Justice teach us that we can make a difference. You will have an opportunity to ask him questions and if you come, every penny of your ticket price will give people that have much less than we do, the tools to help themselves.

Our goal is to raise social consciousness. Tickets are available at the door.   C U there!

Cathy Jewett


Do schools and Games go together?

There are 485 children that currently attend Spring Creek and Myrtle Philip Community Schools. Providing the figures don’t change drastically in the next two years, that’s a lot of kids! If 25 per cent of them are fortunate enough to have a stay-at-home parent, that would still leave 365 children needing something to do and somewhere to stay, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. everyday during the Olympics — if the school board proceeds with the proposed elementary school closures.

That’s 365 children whose parents have been told they cannot take off any time from work during the Olympics, or who cannot afford to pay for daycare nor to send their children to an event every day, or all of the above.

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