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More lighting required

In last week’s Pique, there was a letter to the editor about a hit and run on Highway 99. The pedestrian was not seriously injured.

On the night of July 29, a very dear friend of mine was tragically struck and killed while walking along Highway 99, attempting to catch a bus.

Pedestrians walk the highway at night, and drivers drift onto the shoulder.

There are an inadequate number of buses running on busy weekends (i.e., Crankworx). When buses are full, people inevitably walk — most likely in the same direction as traffic if they were trying to catch a bus.

I counted 12 bus stops on Highway 99 between Function Junction and Alpine Meadows that are not lit. Some require pedestrians to walk more than 100 feet along Highway 99 from the nearest access.

The reflective paddle is a joke! It’s ineffective for waving busses down, let alone illuminating any number of would be bus riders waiting in the dark. All bus stops on Highway 99 need at least one light and enough lighting from either the Valley Trail or a side street. This means only one or two streetlights per stop, a far cry from the overwhelming light pollution some people might fear.

Please voice your opinion on this issue, either to the municipality (mayors office@whistler.ca and transit@whistler.ca) or by simply writing a letter to the editor.

Let’s make this safer before someone else loses a best friend or family member. It’s a matter of public safety and community preservation.

Brian Anderson


Collective efforts appreciated

This letter was addressed to Tourism Whistler members. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

A sincere thank you is extended to everyone who committed their support in the lead-up to the recently cancelled KISS concert. While we are all disappointed that the event did not materialize, we must also be very proud of the collective effort that occurred. This exemplifies not only our resort's spirit of community, but it also verifies our capacity to embrace opportunities.

The resort has an extraordinary scope and depth of expertise from which to draw and we are confident that the lessons learned from this recent experience will make us better able to successfully host future events.

Many individuals and organizations came to the table within a very short time-frame — and none were more responsive than those within the accommodations sector. Shortly after learning that the concert was a real possibility, a request for room assistance was distributed by Tourism Whistler — and Whistler's accommodation providers replied with typical generosity and without hesitation. Within 24 hours we had secured 100 per cent of the rooms requested! Thank you for your ongoing support of event opportunities in Whistler.

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