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No rules on this road

On Monday morning, at approximately 4 a.m., a very close friend of ours, Arni Arnason, was walking home from a house party. As he was walking north along Highway 99, just before Nick North golf course, he was struck by a car, also heading northbound. The driver of the vehicle did not stop, or even slow down for that matter.

Arni could have been killed or seriously injured in this incident. We are disgusted to think that someone would leave another human being lying on the side of the road, potentially dead or dying.

The vehicle was a smaller car and likely has some body damage. If anybody witnessed this event, or has any information about this hit and run, please contact the Whistler RCMP.

Kevin Irvine

Mark Porter


We can do a lot better

I didn’t find the Kiss concert cancellation at all surprising, especially with just over three weeks to sell the show. In fact, I was more surprised that the act was booked to begin with. Not being a Kiss fan, I’m not in the least disappointed that those 60-something overgrown men dressed up as cartoon animals without any new material in at least a decade and a half won’t be hosting the Kiss army here — although I’m sure many would have enjoyed the show. I am, however, sorely disappointed with the dismal offering of live touring music in Whistler. This is not to be confused with the great local talent we have.

Virtually every other mountain town has a music festival of some sort and plenty of quality one-off shows throughout the year. Whistler hosts some great live music during both the Telus World Ski and Snowboard and Crankworx festivals but the music is not the main attraction and the level of corporate promotion is, frankly, a little hard to take at times. Sometimes I'd just like to pay my money and see the act, although it is hard to argue with free events and I'm glad we have them. We also have some decent smaller shows at some clubs and MY Place. Thanks to those folks who work hard to bring these acts to town and support a live local music scene.

But can’t we do better? Vancouver is home to lots of great talent and a large centre for touring acts both large and small. We should be tapping into that talent pool. Why is it that we don’t see any spillover from the Vancouver Jazz or Folk Festivals? Instead of focusing on high risk mega acts like Kiss, what about starting by building strategic alliances with the jazz and folk festivals to host some acts in our beautiful mountain setting?

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