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Angry and praying for change

For a month now I’ve been waiting to calm down and write this letter in a manner that is not so angry.

I now realize that my anger is justified and if ever there is a good reason to use anger constructively, this is it.

Whistler’s cheap lip service to and use of “Environmental and Green” as a marketing ploy, sickens me.

We are so wonderfully green here in Whistler, that our Olympic legacy is Hydrogen buses. Hydrogen, which is currently (meaning at least the next couple of decades) produced by cracking hydro-carbons like oil or coal. This form of production gives off almost the same amount of green house gas emissions, C02s, as using your current gas guzzling vehicle. It’s really cool though, because you don’t breathe any fumes coming from the car in front of you, instead the deadly toxins are produced in some rural location, but it is still going into this one, small planet’s atmosphere.

Green Sea to Sky Highway indeed. On which we truck our garbage to the USA. Council was approached by companies with equipment that would recycle 90 per cent of all our waste and recycle them to deliver saleable products at the end of the line. They chose trucking.

Yogi and Booboo are definitely not safe here, in this environmentally aware community.

I can not even begin to believe what is happening with the execution squad, bear killings. Mother bears and cubs shot because some unaware jerk has left their garbage out… it’s got to stop. When has anyone ever been killed by an urban bear? I don’t think there is such a thing.

Councillor Z asked me recently, “so what ARE you doing?” implying my lack of commitment to AWARE, who as a “watch dog” has been asleep in the dog house for far too long.

Well Eckhard, I’m praying. Seems the only reasonable thing left to do — and practicing yoga to stay flexible. If Whistler is what Green looks like, I want to be able to stick my head between my knees and kiss my ass good-bye… ’cause Whoopy, we all gonna die!

I urge everyone to envision electric cars with solar powered bodies; acreages growing food, not mansions; homes being heated geothermally; solar and wind power generating electricity; products that are built to last; people wearing and loving grey or whites that don’t need bleaching! Let’s move into the future and let go of the ancient ways of the 20th century.