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Letters to the editor for the week of September 6th, 2012

Chivalry is not dead


Visiting from Winnipeg, I had come to visit my best friend, in Lions Bay. It has been four years since I've been to B.C., and we decided we needed a road trip! Tyax Wilderness Resort was our destination, a real "Supernatural B.C." experience.

Packed and ready to go......and yes, The Hurley River Road was open, so our journey could begin. Driving up the Sea to Sky highway was beautiful and the Pemberton Valley, very luscious. When we arrived at the Hurley River Road it was rough, but doable. Windows open, music playing, excited for our adventure we were on our way...up and beyond! We were about 15 minutes up the road, rounded a corner and we heard PPPPPPHHHHHSSSSSSS!!! I thought it was a rattlesnake. Yes, I am from the prairies, so what do I know. I turned to my girlfriend and asked, "Is that a rattlesnake?"

She replied, "No, worse, it's a flat tire."

We both looked at each other, got out of the truck quite slowly, heading to the back of the truck to locate the spare tire. Neither of us B.A.G.S. (Beautiful Aging Goddesses) had ever changed a flat tire. And perched on the side of a logging road, without cellular phone coverage were unable to call for help.

I walked in front of the vehicle praying, hoping, someone would drive by to help. In no less than five minutes, not one, but two trucks stopped, and out jumped a group of fishermen. They did not hesitate (to help). (They) started pulling gear out of the truck, located the jack, the tools to lower the spare from the truck, and had the truck raised, tire off, spare tire on...all within 15 minutes! While this was going on another truck stopped and asked if we needed assistance in getting the tire repaired. Coincidently, his son worked at a tire repair shop in Pemberton. As it was getting close to closing time at the shop he would be happy to give them a call as soon as he was down the hill and give them the heads up we would return to Pemberton to have a flat repaired...and to please stay open for us. (Thank you Sir)!

We drove back down the Hurley on our way to Pemberton, and arrived at Black's Hot Wheels just before closing. They had been expecting us, repaired the flat in a flash, replaced the spare in its housing, so we could continue on our amazing trip. Thank you for your customer service plus!

We would like to thank the wonderful gentleman from the Whistler Fishing Guides — www.whistlerfishingguides.ca and their clients. The group of them has restored our faith in the kindness of people. Thank you to all for taking the time... you took a situation that was very concerning to us and made it very special! A road trip never to be forgotten...Chivalry is not dead!