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Letters to the editor for the week of August 30th, 2012

Share the road


I have a message for all the road bikers out there; please use your common sense.

Firstly I would like to preface this letter by saying that I have no issue with road biking in general, and that a good portion of the road bikers I see are generally not the issue.

If you want to go flying down the highway with no protection but spandex, and some Styrofoam on your head, two feet from cars and trucks going well over 100km/h please be my guest.

There are, however, a not-so-small percentage of bikers out there who seem to be indifferent to the world around them. For example the other day my wife and one-year-old daughter came home to Pemberton and (my wife) was fairly flustered by the fact that a couple of road bikers going the opposite way had decided to swerve in front of an 18-wheeler and force him into oncoming traffic.

My wife (and child) where forced to slam on the breaks and swerve over to the soft shoulder to avoid being hit head on.

How would the bikers have felt had it ended differently?

Not a week ago we were all heading over the Duffey when we came upon a group of five to six bikers hanging out in the middle of the road following a blind corner. We were forced to swerve into the lane for oncoming traffic (fortunately there was no one there).

And just a couple of days ago I was driving a large truck with a 30-foot trailer fully loaded down with thousands of pounds up the Callaghan Valley road and a biker decided, without looking, to swerve right in front of me when I was less than 10-feet behind him.

These are only a few of the incidents that I have witnessed this summer, let alone the last many years driving this highway. For some reason this is considered completely acceptable and I don't understand it.

Let's put this in perspective, imagine your child and a group of his/her friends saying to you, "Hey mom/dad me and my buddies are going to walk to Whistler today. We will be right on the side of the highway, every once in a while one or two of us is going to step out into traffic without looking and we are never going to be more than a foot or two from the white line." What would you say to that?

So why is it OK for a group of adults to do the same thing?

Please remember it is not just your life you are risking— there are other people, families and children on the highway. Just ride smart. Thanks.

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