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Worth Remembering


This week — and every week — remember the innocent of École Polytechnique de Montreal.

B. Buchholz


(Editor's note: Dec. 6 marked the 22nd anniversary of the massacre at Montreal's École Polytechnique during which 14 innocent women were killed by an enraged gunman. The day is now recognized as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.)

Confusion over Callaghan skiing

I have a few questions for Keith Bennett, the CEO and President of Whistler Sport Legacies (Society), concerning Whistler Olympic Park (WOP): Is the trail leading out to Madeley Lake being groomed this season? By WOP? If not, why did the cost of my season pass go up when my skiable terrain has been significantly reduced?  

Is it a coincidence that the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Resources "asked WOP not to groom the [Madeley Lake] road," at around the same time WOP had its falling out with Callaghan Country? Why was WOP able to groom the road in previous years?  

How much money did Whistler Sport Legacies spend on the new trail on the Madeley Creek Loop that prevents skiers from accessing the Mainline trail going up to the Callaghan Lodge? And why did WSL spend this money when it says it's desperately short of money?

Ghlee MacLeod


Solution needed for success

I know the Challaghan lodge group took the initial leadership some 20 years ago to develop the area and had the business acumen to know what a jewel they had. The Challaghan lodge group groomed and developed this area in anticipation of (this becoming a) World Class area. This eventually happened some 15 years later with the Olympic (Nordic) venue being (situated) in the Challaghan area.

Now, this conflict has become a sad reminder of the terrible mismanagement between Sovereign Lake and Silverstar Mountain. Both parties losing and still in conflict some 10 years later! The two groups must learn from this and work together to build unity for the sport, the children, and for the business of the Whistler area.

The combination of superb training facilities at Whistler Olympic Park and the incredibly diverse skiing terrain of Callaghan Country were sufficient enough enticement to lure me away from Silver Star several years ago. This was surely the Legacy that we all had dreamed and spoken of so proudly.

Does Whistler Sport Legacies Society really understand the consequences of severing the joint operation with Callaghan Country — for the present and the future?

Both Silver Star and the Metthow Valley offer significantly better and diverse facilities than does WOP as a stand-alone product.

Whoever is responsible for the decision to cut their product offering in half in the face of this competitive market needs to compromise and understand that working together is more efficient and effective and is required to survive in the competitive business today.

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