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Letters to the Editor

Where are the snowplows?


Coming from the Northeast in U.S.A., my friends and family always find it crazy that I choose a life in the "frozen tundra" of Canada where I live in my "igloo." They can't believe my joy when my Facebook status raves about the recent 20 centimetres of snow we received overnight. They all hate the snow (and the cold). I try and tell them that I only "play" in the snow and if I have to drive, the roads in Whistler are maintained meticulously!

This leads me to my question: What the hell is happening with our roads this season?

Has clearing the roads also suffered cutbacks due to the muni's lack of being able to balance budgets? I'm hoping the muni just wasn't prepared for the huge amount of snow we have received the last couple of weeks (though I find that highly unlikely). Thank goodness I've been forced to use the bus this season (pay parking) as the snowy roads seem ever so dangerous to be driving on.

Ronia Nash


More glades please

I have always lived by the laws of the Kansas City shuffle, when everyone looks left, I go right. Since the beginning of time in the department of ski resort ratings, we have always suffered the poor weather ratings amongst the magazines.

As locals we all know where to ski when the weather is storming — in the trees! Would it not be advisable to "environmentally" create more glades?

Yeah the weather sucks, but we could win the award for best tree skiing in the world. Hmmm. Just my two-cents.

Ryan McKeeman


Forever grateful

Last Friday at 8:30 a.m. as I was riding up the Big Red Express Chair I had a pain in my chest. Fortunately I was riding with three pals, one was old ski patroller Bruce Watt, (another was) local commercial realtor Bob Hamilton and (the third was) Bill Kunzwieler.

They recognized the symptoms of a heart attack and managed to get me into the ski patrol shack at the top. The WB "A" team took over and descended on me like a horde of locusts. I might as well have been in the Mayo Clinic as these guys were fantastic, preventing a life threatening blood clot, administering medication and bundling me into a helicopter for my trip to the Whistler clinic.

There the excellent staff took over and quickly sent me again by helicopter to St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. I am now awaiting open-heart surgery and without the Whistler Blackcomb safety crew's intervention my cardiologist tells me I would not be alive.

What a fantastic group of people the WB safety crew truly is.

Too often we take these folks for granted but the excellent training they have and the importance the management places on this training exemplifies why Whistler is the best ski resort in the world.