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Letters to the Editor

Wake up Pemberton!


I would like to encourage everyone in Pemberton to come out and vote this weekend. This election represents a crossroads for Pemberton and I feel that recently, the majority of the community, i.e.; young families like us, have not been represented by the past council.

We are at a crucial point in the future of Pemberton, do we grow, expand, look for opportunities and find jobs for our children and possibly a private education in Pemberton? Or do we choose to stay the same?

How many more missed opportunities do we have to suffer? Ted Cradock has specifically stated that he "loves to spend your money." I would prefer a Council member that "loves to SAVE your money," or even "is very careful with your money."Ted's decision to close down Cedar View Estate's wedding venue in 2011 was voted by Pemberton's constituents as the worst decision made by council last year.

This decision forced several wedding groups to move their weddings out of Pemberton and cost the local economy tens of thousands of dollars and several jobs. When asked about this, Ted mentioned that he would make the same decision again - and would always side with the neighbours (who don't live in Pemberton) regardless of the economic advantage lost.

Is this really the type of leadership that we need in Pemberton? Please consider all of the options when voting this weekend, we are looking for a more forward thinking and business minded council that are open for business, have your interests at heart and reflect the majority of the community - that is you!

Beau and Rebecca Craig



Let's work together

With expectations of change and improvements running extremely high in this community at this time of local municipal elections, I am also caught up in this fever. Whoever gets elected will have their work cut out for them and has my full support and admiration for their courage to step up to the plate. Let's face it; it will be hard to perform anywhere close to expectations.

At this time I would like to pass on one thought that I had for a while and that was again activated by a comment I heard from one candidate in the all candidates meeting at Millennium Place.

This community has attracted residents from so many walks of life, so many experts, and so much talent. We all want to contribute to make this the paradise it could be (even better than it already is). One way of tapping into this unique wealth of experience would be a hotline website where residents could send in good ideas for improvements. These ideas, in my opinion, should be filtered by a qualified panel and then forwarded to council for consideration.