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Letters to the Editor

Choose a proven leader


It's election time. Whistler has a new CAO and will have a different Council. Some key staff positions have been turning over. This term has been difficult and very different from 2005-2008 when I served on Council.

What was missing this time around? Respect and teamwork. With fresh faces on staff and Council, Whistler needs a steady experienced leader in the Mayor's chair.

I think Ken Melamed is best positioned to pull a new team together and get the RMOW back on track. He has seen a lot of change in his time at Municipal Hall. He has learned some tough lessons and has been willing to listen. He knows leadership.

The other councillors running for mayor have not shown this ability. They seem to have a cursory understanding of municipal financial management and they lack the leadership and team building experience that Ken has demonstrated.

The next Council has to shift gears and make positive change. This will not be achieved through a simple slash and burn approach. Ken led Whistler through the Olympics and has been a tireless ambassador for the resort and community. He remains the best choice to steward Whistler's next chapter.

Tim Wake

Bowen Island

Make an informed vote

For those of you that know me you probably also know that I was the co-creator of the organization known as Whistler's Coalition of Concerned Citizens. I along with my co-founder have since left the organization and we have had our names removed from the Corporate Registry in Victoria. Many people have been asking me recently what has been happening with the Coalition so I feel it is important to comment.

The intention was for it to be a grass roots "people's voice" with no special interests. Unfortunately, it was hijacked by what I believe to be special interests (not recognized early by me), which is one of many reasons why I recently bowed out.

In its infancy we were very pleased with the Coalition's ability to generate a significant attendance at last year's Budget Open House. Shortly thereafter someone from Ontario joined us and he suggested that we make the mail-in ballot voting process our first goal. That has now been accomplished. It wasn't until the voting eligibility criteria became known that people out of province are not eligible to vote!

Despite numerous requests for the Coalition to make its members known publicly I was only able to get some people to publish their names. Even at that time there were only a few "front people" who put our names out. Several others refused to publish their names. Now they have released a few more names but not all. Why?

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