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Apologies go out to Miro Kolvek, Shane Bennett and Brent McIvor, but a big thank you goes out to Ken Melamed, Ralph Forsyth and Nancy Wilhelm-Morden for giving us their time and thoughts.

The event began with the candidates each receiving two minutes to answer the pre-designed questions that were created by the Law 12 and Social Studies 11 class. Questions included: "If you were elected mayor, what would you do to ensure that the opinions of Whistler youth are heard and taken more into consideration?" "What would you suggest to students to do after graduating to make sure they can continue living in Whistler independently?" and questions regarding real estate development and transportation in Whistler.

Afterwards, all students were given a chance to ask some of their questions. Both Grade 11 and 12 students stepped up to the plate and asked a wide range of insightful questions.

As the mayoral all-candidates assembly wrapped up, students were given the chance to vote. A table was set up with slips of paper where students could check off who they think should be Whistler's next leader.

Congratulations to Ralph Forsyth on winning the Grade 11 and 12 poll! Ralph won with 45 votes; Nancy received 25 and Ken with 23 (please note that the three other candidates were not present at the time). The entire event was a great success. It was a great opportunity for students to become more involved with the politics of Whistler and for them to have an idea of some of the changes that they can expect in the future.

Anita Facundo and Rebecca Flynn

Grade 12 Students from WSS




Whistler music does it again!

Thank you and congratulations once again to all Whistler and Pemberton entertainers who performed over the past four weeks in the third annual Whistler's Music Search held at the Crystal Lounge. Your talents each and every year emphasize what great performers we have in the area.

Congratulations to our winner "Mike Fromontreal," runner-up "Tractor" and our other finalists "Willie Cottie" and "Jenna Mae."

Thanks to all the fans for coming out each and every week in support the local talent.

Thanks also to the judges who had a very difficult job each week.

Thanks to our host, Dave Morris aka Dr. Dave, for running such a smooth event.

And finally, to the sponsors: Kokanee, Bunker7 Productions, the Old Spaghetti Factory Crystal Lounge.