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Letters to the Editor

Pay parking too costly


This whole pay parking in the day lots fiasco is inevitable. But for those of us that drive to work and have to park in the day lots, we are losing $1 per hour worked just to park.

The definition of a Parking Poacher is someone who charges you outragous prices to leave your vehicle parked. Thanks to the RMOW. Take my $50 a month, I don't need it to pay bills and eat!

Brodie Huggins




Identity returned thanks to RCMP

We would like to publicly thank Constable Scott Gielen and the Whistler RCMP Department for all their hard work in finding and successfully prosecuting the thief, who broke into our car, stole a briefcase and proceeded to steal my husband's identity.

Everything you read about this terrible crime is true, from the sleepless nights of worry to the countless hours of work required to stay one step ahead of someone out to take over all that you have worked hard for over the years.

Emotionally, it was very difficult for us and the Whistler RCMP was generous with its time as it policed a summer filled with festivals and long weekend visitors.

It was able to coordinate the successful prosecution of the thief with the Vancouver Police Dept. staff. We know the small mountain of paperwork and phone calls we generated with our situation. We can only imagine what they cope with on a daily basis as life goes on in our resort town.

We are so grateful for all their help.

Kathy & Bob Smith



Be thankful for RCMP vigilance

My letter is addressed to the ignorant, whining and ungrateful people who have submitted letters to Pique (Pique Oct. 6 and Sept 29, 2011 ) and The Whistler Question over the past few weeks, complaining about so-called "over-policing" by the RCMP in Whistler.

I have been a resident in Whistler and Pemberton for the past 15 years and if anyone is qualified to adjudicate "over-policing" it is I.

I grew up in apartheid-era South Africa. I won't bore you with the details. However, I would like to take the time to first of all extend an enormous amount of appreciation, gratitude and pride regarding the excellent and professional service provided by the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish RCMP to our communities and our families. Were it not for their constant vigilance, their compassion and professional intervention, we would not be able to leave our homes and cars unlocked. Nor would our children be able to walk home from school or around the village safely.