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Exhibit "A"


Everyone I know, including myself, believed that Bill Barratt had served his time and was ready to retire especially when he announced on Monday Jan. 17 that he would be retiring in June. As you can see by all the media accounts below, the only indication of anything different is the now-released court documents Barratt initiated Sept. 22/11. To quote from Barratt's lawyer it caused damage to his reputation because it resulted in Whistler residents believing his employment was terminated for just cause.

Newspaper reports on the issue include these: Pique Jan.19, 2011- "If the debacle had anything to do with his decision to retire, he didn't let on Tuesday. He said council had known about his plans to retire following the Olympics since they were elected in 2008."
Also on Jan. 19, 2011 in Pique - "The RMOW confirmed Barratt's retirement on Friday following a flurry of Twitter and Facebook posts about the news. Barratt said Tuesday that he would stay until the end of June to give council ample time to hire a replacement."

"Certainly it's something that I have contemplated for some time, he said Tuesday."

On Jan. 13, 2011 Pique reported - "We can confirm that Bill Barratt is retiring... Unfortunately, he is out of town today and not available for comment," Senior Communications Officer Melissa Darou wrote in an email to reporters on Thursday.
On Aug. 10 2011 Pique reported- "My advice to Mike would be to take this time to understand the dynamics of Whistler," said the recently retired Barratt, before heading to a golf game at Nicklaus North."
Did anyone in Whistler by reading the above think Bill was terminated?

I didn't...

Tim Koshul


Creative entrepreneurship needed

I am a keen cross-country skier who is concerned with the long-term sustainability of the facilities in the Callaghan Valley. The Callaghan Valley offers such a diverse range of skiing opportunities I find it disturbing that the Whistler Sport Legacies Society has opted to terminate the previous commitment to Callaghan Country in favour of spending even more tax payer's money on developing the new "Madeley Highline" trail.

For the past four years, Nordic skiers have enjoyed 92 kilometres of excellently groomed and scenic cross-country ski trails for the price of one ticket. The success can be measured in the annual growth in visitation.

It's no secret that the Callaghan Valley is the place to ski in B.C. If the management of Whistler Olympic Park can't make a success of the original $125 million VANOC investment, the annual stipend from the $110 million Games Operating Trust and the $6.2 million emergency bailout that was recently revealed, then it is really questionable whether an additional $1.6 million investment from the public purse in a new trail will be the key to long-term sustainability.

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