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My mistake


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This flat tax notion needs to be eliminated. Income taxes have been reduced by both federal and provincial governments following which they both said we can't afford to do things so all those poor working slobs will have to tighten their belts and pay sales tax.

Sales taxes are costly to collect for there are too many handlers in the way.

Personal income ought to be the only criterion for paying tax.

Strength of the economy being the governing factor.

Terry Smith



Multicultural Celebration cheered

A big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for the Multicultural Event on Monday (June 27). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was good to see so many locals and visitors come together and enjoy good food and excellent entertainment. Hopefully this will be a yearly event.

Ian and Ann Johnson


Showing our universal gratitude!

It is the people that make the destination, value the people within and you will find the heart of community! Find the heart of community and you will have created the true reasons for others to make Whistler their destination!

We witnessed pioneering souls collaborating together for an exciting and refreshing new way of seeing the world! It is with great joy to engage and bring community together to celebrate the most sacred of treasures our diversity to learn, inspire and share with open hearts each of our cultures is a dream come true! Thank you very much, Merci beaucoup, Gracias, Salamat, Arigato, Makasih, Doh je, Thenks, Ghu long khu me-ah, Maketai, Dankseche, Dua Netjer en ek, Dhannvaad, Efharisto poli, Yuspagara, Go raibh mile maith agaibh, Dekuji and many, many more thanks go to Nicole Guertin from Lokl.com, Whistler Forum for Leadership  Dialogue, Summit Lodge  Spa, Main Street Restaurants and beyond, Independent food vendors, RMOW, Scandinave Spa, The Grocery Store, Hailey Guille, Quest University, Blue Highways, Cultural Art Group, Filipino Community, Tae Kwan Do Group, Capoeira Dancers, SLCC, ESLSAP, Tamwood School, Green Event Volunteers, Areito Dance Club, Steve@WMN.fm Music by: Harold Sliter, Luis Garcia, Lou Marocco, Neon Beige, Jocelyn  Pettit Band, The Volume Collective, Rachel Thom, Kostas, Filipino Community Choir, Trevor singing Oh Canada and the many, many  volunteers!  Rudy Bueno, Kelly Hourigan, Kelly Lau, Becca Dikinson, Amelie Bachesne, Alex Turner, Monica Suarez, Letasha Mateev, Nathan Furst, Celia Burnett, Arianna Nagle, Marie-Eve, Jocelyn Blais, Claudine Morchain, Carolyn Hill, Sinclair Elina, Jason Claulle, Helene Robert, Kristi Mcmiker, Frances Seaton, Friederike Mueller-Kissing, Sara Bath, Kevin Irvine, Ritchie Leaver, Naoemie Bourque, Isaac Upshall, Jody Wilson, Sylvie Mastellone, Buzzy, Jackie Guertin, Guillaume Gissinger, Tomohiro Tango, Lorna Hill, Marlin Beswetherick, Ami Sakai, Cole Manson, Frank Savage, Zenzo Nosaba, Ken Wakabayashi, Jonathan Phang, RJ Gomez, Willis, Donna Savage, Nuguru Oue, Emile Sanchez, Charles Floue, Jay L., Zendai Keshino, Yoriaki Korake, Amel Lopez, Trevor Dunn, Stan Matwychuk, Monica Rampoldi, Noha Ahmed, Marie Ro, Mero, Nicola Griffiths, Yumiko Arisa Tsuchida, Libby McKeever, Eriko Matsumoto, Taka Sudo, Tommy Thomson, Po-Chen Chen, Mike Williams, Vince Zerna, Magdalena Regalos, Naoto Kato, Ryoki Ogawa, Jennifer Julian, Sylvie Par, Nib Valdez, Pena Emino, Kogayashi, Kate Mason, Danielle Perron, Mike Polly, Ann Grinezs, Mario Ste. Croix and many more! What will we create for next year? Be sure to join in the fun to find out! Grazie Mille.