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Getting towed no fun

I take responsibility for parking too long in a five-minute zone, but I find it degrading how Whistler Towing conducts their business.

After my car was gone, a friend of mine dropped me off at the lot of the towing company out in the bushes and, of course, there is nobody in sight. After two telephone calls and a long wait, the operator of the tow truck finally arrives and informs me that he needs $173 in cash, gives me the choice of a lift in his truck to the bank or I can drive my own car there, but will have to give him my purse as security.

I feel sad for Whistler: on one hand everything is so manicured and over-policed, on the other hand certain business is done in a primitive way. If things like that happen to tourists they will tell all their friends and Whistler will not come out as the shining star it wants to be and needs to present itself as.

Borgi Rayen



Historical thanks
Finally able to let out a sigh of relief (if only briefly), the Whistler Museum would like to thank the community for all the interest and support after a hectic, but exciting couple of weeks.
Last week the museum participated in that mid-summer staple, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce's Canada Day parade. The parade featured loads of great entries from local businesses and clubs, so we were excited and honoured to find out that the Museum was awarded Best Interpretation of the Parade's Theme!
Our take on "Celebrating Whistler's Vibrancy, Lifestyle and Achievements" featured the museum staff and some friends dressed up as a disparate cast of characters representing as many of the Whistler Valley's different eras through the last 100 years as we could.
We had a great time dressing up and participating in the parade, and can't wait to defend our title next year. Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer us on, and a special thanks goes to Don and Isobel MacLaurin for contributing their beautiful 1953 MG convertible, some great props and, most of all, themselves!
The previous evening we were thrilled to participate for the first time in that other summer must-do, ArtWalk. It was a fantastic opportunity for the museum to welcome art lovers of all sorts as we showcased some sublime landscapes and a striking wildlife portrait by Pemberton-based photographer Andrew Strain. His works will remain on display at the Museum throughout the summer.
The night before that, we welcomed our board of trustees, membership, and the community to our Annual General Meeting. We had our best turn out yet! The event was a great opportunity to showcase the Museum's accomplishments over the past year, and continue planning an even more successful 2011 and beyond. Thank you to all our members, volunteers, and our Board of Trustees-your time and support is always appreciated and valued.
After that eventful week, we now move on to an even bigger slate of events. Stay tuned for all our upcoming summer programming, we're excited and we think you will be too!
Jeff Slack
Summer Program Co-ordinator
Whistler Museum and Archives

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