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My mistake


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If you do not want my Malamute's happy face eight-inches away from yours, then please stay on the other side of the park, and don't get upset when I decline to scold him for being a dog, doing dog things, in the dog park.

Jodi Thorley



Pay parking brings frank discussion

When Mayor Ken Melamed says that, "In the 5,000 surveys of its guests this year, just 33 respondents brought up pay parking as an issue at Whistler Blackcomb" did he check to see if they were all destination resort customers (i.e.: flew in from out of town) as I suspect they were thus not needing a car?

On the comment "On one of the busiest days on record ... parking options at Base II, Creekside and two of the day lots were not full to capacity" - I find that hard to believe. If you are not at Creekside by 9:00 a.m. you won't find a spot.

Anyone who drives up from Vancouver will tell you that. Bottom line is for people from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, like myself, it will be the last year I buy a season's pass.  I'm not going to pay another $400 per year to park and this coming season I won't be staying for food and drinks after forking out the money to park.

Paul Sparrow



University still the preferred option

The article on the Alpha Lands ( Pique , July 7) is mistaken in two areas. First, there are no plans to put market housing on the land. Second, I have not taken any prior proposals to Council nor have any land swaps been offered. The Mayor erroneously suggested this and has apologized for doing so.

I should point out that I am not a developer. I have been an educator for 42 years and am a full-time resident of Whistler. I am proposing this project for the Alpha Lands because it will support our tourist economy, bring significant new dollars to the community and country, and it offers a multiplicity of sustainable advantages to our own community members and organizations. We are fortunate that this landowner shares the vision for adding long-term value to the resort.

We will have another public input session in September and invite community members to send their ideas and thoughts at any time to dplayer@shaw.ca.

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