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My mistake


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Why would you not want your readers to know about an affordable alternative to Whistler? I can recall seeing a lot of advertising placed by the Meadows and Black Squirrel Restaurant in Pique Newsmagazine (in) the past...  enticing guests to take advantage of this fabulous, affordable, fun for all, laid back track.

Squirrel Nation must have spent a bundle of their budget sending these messages, only to be forgotten during this challenging economic time.  Worthy of note would have been the early opening season, longer duration season, less rain, oh and yes... warmer temperatures.
Jan Simpson


Meadows is an enjoyable course

Your article "Golf in the Corridor" ( Pique , July 7) fails to mention The Meadows at Pemberton. As a result, locals and visitors alike could be led to believe that it is non-existent as a facility for them to enjoy.
Those folks work just as hard at providing an enjoyable course in our area as anyone else, so how about equal time for them?
Pat and Elly Johnston



A word from the geese

As members of Whistler's resident Canada geese population residing in the Alta Lake marshlands, we took great offense to Councillor Forsyth's comments about our excessive goose poops at Rainbow Park.

First, you took us out of our wetland homes at Nicklaus North and then you evicted our flock and otter friends from the red-listed Nesters wetlands to house those monstrous "green" hydrogen buses.

You left us with very few options. We would like to extend a big thanks to Whistler's Parks Department for planting that lush, green grass at Rainbow Park and for cleaning up after us.

But when we're being chased by off-leash dogs, we tend to drop a few. We'll try to keep the droppings to a minimum and don't worry, we'll be flying south soon to another resort community with a golf course and a pond.

Maverick and Goose, Whistler's Top Guns, a.k.a Curtis Christian


A dog doing doggy-things

With summer finally arriving, we're all flocking to Whistler's beautiful lakeside parks as often as possible, but sometimes the perfect spot to picnic or suntan can be difficult to find.

The spacious, grassy areas of the off-leash dog parks can be very tempting, especially when the other areas are so crowded.  However, I would like to respectfully remind other park goers that if they do decide to hang out in the off-leash areas, they are officially in the dogs' domain, and they cannot be faulted for crashing your party or picnic.

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