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My mistake


I need to point out an error in last week's letter. In the 2010 Statement of Financial Information, the total at the bottom of the column of RMOW employees making more than $75,000 is not the total of the employee's wages in the column, but the total of all the RMOW employees. The actual total of RMOW employees making more than $75,000 is closer to $8 million (the total isn't given in the Statement of Financial Information), rather than the $22,692,407.03 I used in my calculation.

While the figures in the Statement of Financial Information may be ambiguous, the conclusions I drew from them are mine, and I apologize for any confusion they may have caused.

David Buzzard





Thank you Whistler!!!

We have just been privileged to spend three weeks in your amazing resort.

We came for our granddaughter's (high school) graduation (Molly Andrew). The enthusiasm of the teachers and volunteers who arranged and prepared for graduation dinner and prom was awesome (even though we didn't get to go up the mountain as planned). The graduates looked truly splendid in their gowns and suits (God bless you, Nick).

Our granddaughter, Daisy Andrew, goes to the outstanding Myrtle Philip School. We saw the end-of-term "Air Band Show" (Wow!!). The children performed some awesome rock group songs (it really was a blast from the past), but we were all really blown away by the talented and devoted rock -star teachers (go for it Mr. Smith).

Then came the "Fun Day."  Again, the teachers and volunteers put all their time and energy into making it a great day (well done Karen Ellott!!)(Come on the Green Team and Stephanie). The dance show, Fairy Rhymes and Nursery Tales , at the Millennium Place was very professional and performed to a very high standard. Weeks of very hard work were amply rewarded.  Well done Heather (Thom) and the Vibe Dance Centre (come on the Three Blind Mice).

Whistler? No wonder you attract visitors from all around the world. Your shops, restaurants and mountain facilities are second to none. The service is friendly and helpful; the folks go out of their way to help in every way. Thank you to Ian, Darrol and Tommy at Summit Bikes for enabling me to achieve a lifetime dream to downhill on your fabulous mountain. A big shout out to all the gang at Lush and Smile Gifts (big hugs) and thanks also to Project Denim (Rock on Johnny - come on the champs (19).

Finally, thank you to Justine and Chris Andrew, Yvonne, Ruby and their fantastic friends for putting up with us.  You overwhelmed us with your warmth, hospitality and generosity. Big hugs to Andrew and Karen Ellott, Edwin and Beverley (Sam), Ginny and Mike and everyone else we had the pleasure to meet.

God Bless Whistler and everyone in your great resort (oh, we won't mention the Canucks!!).

PS...Finally, loved your brilliant bears (keep them safe).

Christine and Jimmy Cunliffe

From the capital of the World - Manchester, England (MUFC  19!!!)



Meadows golf course fabulous

Although I thoroughly enjoyed your feature article on golf in the

valley, the author inexplicably and tragically overlooked the fifth course.

The Meadows Golf Course in Pemberton has been locally owned and operated since the late eighties.

Being a lover of the game and someone who has played the other "four" courses several times, I can confidently vouch for the high quality of the golf experience at the Meadows.

Majestically situated at the base of Mount Currie, the scenery is outstanding. The front and back nines are very different and one gets the feeling of playing two distinct courses on the same day.  In addition, it also boasts the corridor's only true island green.

The Black Squirrel Restaurant is outstanding and is frequented not only by golfers, but also by locals and visitors who want to enjoy a great lunch or dinner in a beautiful setting.

Not to be overlooked, Man Night on Wednesdays is very well attended due to the excellent value, dinner and fun-filled après golf challenges.

If you haven't been to The Meadows or it's been a while, I would strongly urge you to give them a try ... you won't be disappointed.

David Campbell


(Editor's note: The golf cover-feature in Pique July 7, focused on the four corridor golf courses listed in the top 100 courses to play in Canada as outlined by Tourism Whistler. We recognize that the Meadows at Pemberton golf course is a great place to play the sport and offers great deals as do other courses in the corridor as well, and we encourage all our readers to try them all.)


Don't forget The Meadows
I was bewildered as to why you neglected to mention anything in your "golfing article" July 7, about The Meadows at Pemberton. This independently owned and operated golf course and restaurant offer the best prices and weekly specials in the corridor.

Why would you not want your readers to know about an affordable alternative to Whistler? I can recall seeing a lot of advertising placed by the Meadows and Black Squirrel Restaurant in Pique Newsmagazine (in) the past...  enticing guests to take advantage of this fabulous, affordable, fun for all, laid back track.

Squirrel Nation must have spent a bundle of their budget sending these messages, only to be forgotten during this challenging economic time.  Worthy of note would have been the early opening season, longer duration season, less rain, oh and yes... warmer temperatures.
Jan Simpson


Meadows is an enjoyable course

Your article "Golf in the Corridor" ( Pique , July 7) fails to mention The Meadows at Pemberton. As a result, locals and visitors alike could be led to believe that it is non-existent as a facility for them to enjoy.
Those folks work just as hard at providing an enjoyable course in our area as anyone else, so how about equal time for them?
Pat and Elly Johnston



A word from the geese

As members of Whistler's resident Canada geese population residing in the Alta Lake marshlands, we took great offense to Councillor Forsyth's comments about our excessive goose poops at Rainbow Park.

First, you took us out of our wetland homes at Nicklaus North and then you evicted our flock and otter friends from the red-listed Nesters wetlands to house those monstrous "green" hydrogen buses.

You left us with very few options. We would like to extend a big thanks to Whistler's Parks Department for planting that lush, green grass at Rainbow Park and for cleaning up after us.

But when we're being chased by off-leash dogs, we tend to drop a few. We'll try to keep the droppings to a minimum and don't worry, we'll be flying south soon to another resort community with a golf course and a pond.

Maverick and Goose, Whistler's Top Guns, a.k.a Curtis Christian


A dog doing doggy-things

With summer finally arriving, we're all flocking to Whistler's beautiful lakeside parks as often as possible, but sometimes the perfect spot to picnic or suntan can be difficult to find.

The spacious, grassy areas of the off-leash dog parks can be very tempting, especially when the other areas are so crowded.  However, I would like to respectfully remind other park goers that if they do decide to hang out in the off-leash areas, they are officially in the dogs' domain, and they cannot be faulted for crashing your party or picnic.

If you do not want my Malamute's happy face eight-inches away from yours, then please stay on the other side of the park, and don't get upset when I decline to scold him for being a dog, doing dog things, in the dog park.

Jodi Thorley



Pay parking brings frank discussion

When Mayor Ken Melamed says that, "In the 5,000 surveys of its guests this year, just 33 respondents brought up pay parking as an issue at Whistler Blackcomb" did he check to see if they were all destination resort customers (i.e.: flew in from out of town) as I suspect they were thus not needing a car?

On the comment "On one of the busiest days on record ... parking options at Base II, Creekside and two of the day lots were not full to capacity" - I find that hard to believe. If you are not at Creekside by 9:00 a.m. you won't find a spot.

Anyone who drives up from Vancouver will tell you that. Bottom line is for people from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, like myself, it will be the last year I buy a season's pass.  I'm not going to pay another $400 per year to park and this coming season I won't be staying for food and drinks after forking out the money to park.

Paul Sparrow



University still the preferred option

The article on the Alpha Lands ( Pique , July 7) is mistaken in two areas. First, there are no plans to put market housing on the land. Second, I have not taken any prior proposals to Council nor have any land swaps been offered. The Mayor erroneously suggested this and has apologized for doing so.

I should point out that I am not a developer. I have been an educator for 42 years and am a full-time resident of Whistler. I am proposing this project for the Alpha Lands because it will support our tourist economy, bring significant new dollars to the community and country, and it offers a multiplicity of sustainable advantages to our own community members and organizations. We are fortunate that this landowner shares the vision for adding long-term value to the resort.

We will have another public input session in September and invite community members to send their ideas and thoughts at any time to dplayer@shaw.ca.

Doug Player


Father Daughter Dance a great success

On June 4 Pemberton held its 13 th annual Father Daughter Dance. The evening was great fun for both the dads and daughters who attended. The Father Daughter Dance is not only a fundraiser for the Signal Hill Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC), which supports projects and programs within the school, it is also a chance for daughters and dads to get dressed up and spend a special evening together.

On behalf of the Signal Hill PAC we would like to say a big "thank you" to all those that made our Father Daughter Dance a great success again this year! Toshi & Kaori from Sea to Sky Photography who provided the free photo-shoot and free picture download, Codi from Soul Funktion for the great dance instruction that got everyone on their feet, Dave and the gang from The Local who created amazing food for us, Layna from Orkidz who kept the girls busy creating their pet rocks. Pemberton Valley Nursery for our lovely flowers, The Flour Pot for the awesome disco cupcakes (they were so good), our DJ Melissa Leitch for the great tunes, Whistler Blackcomb, AG Foods, The Pemberton Valley Supermarket, Nesters Market, Grimms Deli and DiʼCarlos for providing our dinner ingredients and drinks, Valley Chainsaw & Westward Sales for the helium tank, Sabre Rentals for providing all of our cutlery and plates, The Blackbird Bakery made us delicious dinner rolls and Mount Currie Coffee Co. supplied great coffee. Frontier Pharmacy and McDonald's helped fill the gift bags for the girls and esound production services provided us with an amazing light show for the night.

Thanks so much to all of our sponsors and supporters. Big Sky, Spud Valley, Rona, Vida Spa, Billabong, Lush, Lee-Anne Kauffman from Stella & Dot, Bike Co, Cows, Scotia Bank, Pemberton Comm. Centre, Pemberton Rotary, NSCU, Napa Auto Parts, Pemberton Hotel Cold Beer & Wine, Aarm Dental, Great Glass Elevator, Crocs, Ziptrek, Rocky Mountain Choc. Factory, Canadian Snowmobile Adventures, Wild Play, Pemberton Valley Lodge, Lachelt Marketing, Rexall, Sportstop, Whistler Blackcomb, The Mill, Whistler Jetboating, Blackcomb Aviation, Melissa Perizzolo from Tupperwear, Fun for Kids and the Pemberton Legion. Lastly, to our amazing volunteers who helped with set up, tear down and during the dance!

The long list of sponsors and supporters just shows you what a great community we live in. Thank you all! We couldnʼt have done it with out you!

Victoria Downes and Sammy Losee

FDD co-organizers



Getting towed no fun

I take responsibility for parking too long in a five-minute zone, but I find it degrading how Whistler Towing conducts their business.

After my car was gone, a friend of mine dropped me off at the lot of the towing company out in the bushes and, of course, there is nobody in sight. After two telephone calls and a long wait, the operator of the tow truck finally arrives and informs me that he needs $173 in cash, gives me the choice of a lift in his truck to the bank or I can drive my own car there, but will have to give him my purse as security.

I feel sad for Whistler: on one hand everything is so manicured and over-policed, on the other hand certain business is done in a primitive way. If things like that happen to tourists they will tell all their friends and Whistler will not come out as the shining star it wants to be and needs to present itself as.

Borgi Rayen



Historical thanks
Finally able to let out a sigh of relief (if only briefly), the Whistler Museum would like to thank the community for all the interest and support after a hectic, but exciting couple of weeks.
Last week the museum participated in that mid-summer staple, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce's Canada Day parade. The parade featured loads of great entries from local businesses and clubs, so we were excited and honoured to find out that the Museum was awarded Best Interpretation of the Parade's Theme!
Our take on "Celebrating Whistler's Vibrancy, Lifestyle and Achievements" featured the museum staff and some friends dressed up as a disparate cast of characters representing as many of the Whistler Valley's different eras through the last 100 years as we could.
We had a great time dressing up and participating in the parade, and can't wait to defend our title next year. Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer us on, and a special thanks goes to Don and Isobel MacLaurin for contributing their beautiful 1953 MG convertible, some great props and, most of all, themselves!
The previous evening we were thrilled to participate for the first time in that other summer must-do, ArtWalk. It was a fantastic opportunity for the museum to welcome art lovers of all sorts as we showcased some sublime landscapes and a striking wildlife portrait by Pemberton-based photographer Andrew Strain. His works will remain on display at the Museum throughout the summer.
The night before that, we welcomed our board of trustees, membership, and the community to our Annual General Meeting. We had our best turn out yet! The event was a great opportunity to showcase the Museum's accomplishments over the past year, and continue planning an even more successful 2011 and beyond. Thank you to all our members, volunteers, and our Board of Trustees-your time and support is always appreciated and valued.
After that eventful week, we now move on to an even bigger slate of events. Stay tuned for all our upcoming summer programming, we're excited and we think you will be too!
Jeff Slack
Summer Program Co-ordinator
Whistler Museum and Archives



And the winner is....

As we prepare to install our new Kindergarten playground The Whistler Waldorf School would like to thank all the people who made it possible by purchasing tickets to the Alta Lake Ice Break Raffle this year!

It was a late spring and the big blue barrel didn't pass Cypress Point (the former Youth Hostel) until April 23 at 4:16 p.m.

Last year's winner, Frank Salter gave up the coveted trophy to Paul Morgan who had this year's winning guess of April 23 at 4:20 pm. In close second was Allison Megeney who guessed 4:21 and third place was split between Rita Rice, Aiden O'Heany and Harry Measure who all guessed 4:00 p.m. Special mention to Florence Peterson, who has guessed the right day at least 3 years in a row!
Peggy Vogler
Development Co-ordinator
Whistler Waldorf School


Tax on personal income only

Interesting article (Pique, June 23) on HST but I couldn't find mentioned what is really wrong with it.

True it was said that it puts prices up but so do all sales taxes whether they tax goods or services, all services being sales. Much is made of benefits to businesses, which don't pay sales tax on things that are needed in the operation of their business. How nice.

All this could be accomplished by not having any kind of sales tax.

Rebates to those of very low income are a stupid waste of time and energy. Those of more median income have no such benefit but they are still paying a larger portion of their income than those many of larger income.

Large income recipients clearly would rather pay a lesser amount through sales tax than through income tax where taxes are taken based on ability to pay.

This flat tax notion needs to be eliminated. Income taxes have been reduced by both federal and provincial governments following which they both said we can't afford to do things so all those poor working slobs will have to tighten their belts and pay sales tax.

Sales taxes are costly to collect for there are too many handlers in the way.

Personal income ought to be the only criterion for paying tax.

Strength of the economy being the governing factor.

Terry Smith



Multicultural Celebration cheered

A big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for the Multicultural Event on Monday (June 27). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was good to see so many locals and visitors come together and enjoy good food and excellent entertainment. Hopefully this will be a yearly event.

Ian and Ann Johnson


Showing our universal gratitude!

It is the people that make the destination, value the people within and you will find the heart of community! Find the heart of community and you will have created the true reasons for others to make Whistler their destination!

We witnessed pioneering souls collaborating together for an exciting and refreshing new way of seeing the world! It is with great joy to engage and bring community together to celebrate the most sacred of treasures our diversity to learn, inspire and share with open hearts each of our cultures is a dream come true! Thank you very much, Merci beaucoup, Gracias, Salamat, Arigato, Makasih, Doh je, Thenks, Ghu long khu me-ah, Maketai, Dankseche, Dua Netjer en ek, Dhannvaad, Efharisto poli, Yuspagara, Go raibh mile maith agaibh, Dekuji and many, many more thanks go to Nicole Guertin from Lokl.com, Whistler Forum for Leadership  Dialogue, Summit Lodge  Spa, Main Street Restaurants and beyond, Independent food vendors, RMOW, Scandinave Spa, The Grocery Store, Hailey Guille, Quest University, Blue Highways, Cultural Art Group, Filipino Community, Tae Kwan Do Group, Capoeira Dancers, SLCC, ESLSAP, Tamwood School, Green Event Volunteers, Areito Dance Club, Steve@WMN.fm Music by: Harold Sliter, Luis Garcia, Lou Marocco, Neon Beige, Jocelyn  Pettit Band, The Volume Collective, Rachel Thom, Kostas, Filipino Community Choir, Trevor singing Oh Canada and the many, many  volunteers!  Rudy Bueno, Kelly Hourigan, Kelly Lau, Becca Dikinson, Amelie Bachesne, Alex Turner, Monica Suarez, Letasha Mateev, Nathan Furst, Celia Burnett, Arianna Nagle, Marie-Eve, Jocelyn Blais, Claudine Morchain, Carolyn Hill, Sinclair Elina, Jason Claulle, Helene Robert, Kristi Mcmiker, Frances Seaton, Friederike Mueller-Kissing, Sara Bath, Kevin Irvine, Ritchie Leaver, Naoemie Bourque, Isaac Upshall, Jody Wilson, Sylvie Mastellone, Buzzy, Jackie Guertin, Guillaume Gissinger, Tomohiro Tango, Lorna Hill, Marlin Beswetherick, Ami Sakai, Cole Manson, Frank Savage, Zenzo Nosaba, Ken Wakabayashi, Jonathan Phang, RJ Gomez, Willis, Donna Savage, Nuguru Oue, Emile Sanchez, Charles Floue, Jay L., Zendai Keshino, Yoriaki Korake, Amel Lopez, Trevor Dunn, Stan Matwychuk, Monica Rampoldi, Noha Ahmed, Marie Ro, Mero, Nicola Griffiths, Yumiko Arisa Tsuchida, Libby McKeever, Eriko Matsumoto, Taka Sudo, Tommy Thomson, Po-Chen Chen, Mike Williams, Vince Zerna, Magdalena Regalos, Naoto Kato, Ryoki Ogawa, Jennifer Julian, Sylvie Par, Nib Valdez, Pena Emino, Kogayashi, Kate Mason, Danielle Perron, Mike Polly, Ann Grinezs, Mario Ste. Croix and many more! What will we create for next year? Be sure to join in the fun to find out! Grazie Mille.

Caterina Alberti




For the Record

Last week Pique's cover feature incorrectly stated that Tower Ranch Golf Club in Kelowna was in receivership when, in fact, it is not. Pique regrets the error.



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