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Amazing race


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That would truly be a good situation and in that situation AWARE really would be redundant. However, I am jolted back to reality as the sound of a revving engine from an ATV pierces the air. Instantly I am reminded just how gluttonous we are in the consumption of the world's natural resources, and as I look out of my window I see two ATVs, a dirt bike, three trailers, a camper, two aluminum boats, an outboard motor, six or seven 20-litre gas cans and a Ford F350. Unfortunately, AWARE's work is not done. There are many unresolved issues to deal with. There will be new issues. The question, "Is this the end of AWARE?" is being raised not because the job is done but because we are being lulled into complacency about the environment.

The most pressing issue in Whistler, and the world, is climate change. The reality is climate change may end Whistler as a ski resort within my children's lifetime. We are being told we need to lower our GHG emissions to a level 20 per cent below 1993 levels. Take a good look around, a good hard look - do you know anyone whose GHG emissions are 20 per cent lower than they were in 1993?

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