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Amazing race


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On top of that the next bus that comes is usually full because of the backlog of passengers. It won't work out cheaper to buy a car, because then I have to pay for a parking pass on top of insurance. Where is the affordable/reliable option for the young adult?

Jay Zappia



Patient long enough

Two and a half weeks after the cease and desist order, "upstanding business operator" Frank Silveri is still producing smoke and stench into our beautiful neighborhood.

Are the mayor and council at all bothered by Mr. Silveri thumbing his nose at their request? I have asked that bylaw officers visit the plant and demand it stop production. My neighbours and I had to keep our windows closed and children inside on Monday (May 30) because the stench was so terrible.

The people of Cheakamus Crossing have been patient long enough! As a significant chunk of the Whistler voting population, my neighbours and I will definitely be at the polls in the fall making our voices heard in the next municipal election!

Sandra Droulis




Visitors should take a hike

In last week's opening remarks, Tourism's "New Normal," you touched on how to market Whistler to the new economies such as China, India and Brazil. No doubt, the largest sector in the recreational field where people from those new economies will be spending their money will be in hiking. In fact, they are already in very significant numbers hiking in the mountains of Europe. Will we be ready in Whistler for large groups to hike our trails?

I think we are already way behind other resort communities in that sector. Outside of Whistler and Blackcomb we have totally ignored all our existing hiking trails to the alpine areas around us. We have built many trails around the lower parts of our valley recently, but that is not what will attract hikers to come here. The alpine areas are our most valuable assets around Whistler. BC Parks have barely kept up essential maintenance and have not built any new trails in recent years.

In all of the remaining areas around Whistler, we have totally neglected even the most basic maintenance and our access to trail heads and our hiking trails to the alpine areas are falling apart and growing in.

The demographics are changing, too. People are getting older and older people want better trails to hike on, but they still want to go up into the alpine areas. Families with children want better trails to our alpine areas. Whistler and Blackcomb trails are great, but already they are getting crowded. Hikers who come here for more than a few daysf are looking for variety. There are incredible beautiful areas around this place that could easily be accessed by hiking if we had any trails leading to them.

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