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Further, what will be the condition of the asphalt used? Have you considered the fact that there may be even greater costs if the retendered vendor's asphalt does not meet the required engineering standards, as the asphalt will have to travel a greater distance to be used? Meanwhile, we as taxpayers - the merchants and residents of Whistler and our visitors - are left with poor road conditions. Should we the taxpayers have to incur additional costs in order to have asphalt hauled from Squamish or North Vancouver?

This may not impact Council or the Cheakamus Crossing but it will impact individuals paying the bill themselves.

Is it the opinion of municipal staff that this is the correct solution in order to avoid doing business with a company that has been conducting legitimate business in Whistler for more than 20 years? It is my understanding that Alpine Paving is operating within their legal right, the current RMOW Zoning Bylaws and in conjunction with the business license provided to them from the RMOW for more than 20 years. In researching and reviewing what has been published on this issue, it appears that Alpine Paving has been amiable in trying to reach a mutually beneficial solution with the RMOW. Examples of this effort include the purchase of state of the art processing equipment to reduce the plant's environmental impact, organized operating hours at the facility to avoid disturbing their surroundings, upgrades and re-routing of access to the facility and the conversion of their power source from diesel to electricity. To our knowledge the RMOW has performed numerous studies, undergone many assessments and then agreed to move the plant to its new location. Ambient air quality monitoring is currently recording data in the Cheakamus Crossing, the results of which indicate that the air quality in this area is considered excellent.

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