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Energy exports


A European plan to generate solar-thermal energy in North Africa for export to Europe shows that some people are thinking big when it comes to clean energy and climate change.

Potentially, there are 300,000 megawatts of solar-thermal energy available in North Africa for export to Europe. That's enough clean, renewable energy to replace 300 coal-fired electricity plants.

We need to start thinking big like that here in North America. And as it happens, many of North America's best renewable energy resources are located right here in British Columbia. These could replace coal-fired electricity in Alberta and Saskatchewan and even as far south as California.

People have been exporting energy from one place to another practically since the beginning of time, either as lumps of coal, cords of firewood or more recently as gallons of crude oil.  But now, as the world turns increasingly to clean energy, we have an unprecedented opportunity to replace non-renewable energy exports with clean, renewable energy and do it in a very big way.

Mike Taylor

Port Moody



Signs of the time

In response to your article last week on John Weston's signs I think Jack Mann is reading slightly (too much) into the whole situation citing free speech and the Middle East.

I think you will find that residents of Whistler, Canadian or otherwise, all appreciate the eyesore that the signs bring to the highway town. It has nothing to do with questioning the democratic process, moreover, how ugly and pointless (are the) giant blue, white and red signs ...  (in) an otherwise beautiful town.

I am not Canadian and have no say in the voting process in this country. I do, however, have to walk past and drive past about nine of the ghastly signs every day and it does nothing but aggravate me.

I fail to see their point, or anyone's reasoning behind their presence. I am pretty sure anyone with enough sense (and) who actually votes is not basing their decision (on) the amount of signs they see.

I'm glad people are showing their disgust by vandalizing the signs and can only hope the financial and labour costs force the party to reevaluate their advertising budget into less intrusive methods and can see their volunteers time spent more wisely.

Rob Melvin



Reduce Re-use Recycle!

Yesterday I loaded the trunk of my car with an assortment of garbage and items for recycling, return for refund etc.

My boyfriend and I went to the Nesters drop off site where we proceeded to sort and deposit our items in the various bins or containers specified for things like plastic, paper, tin, glass and so on.

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