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I would think that it should be getting progressively easier to prepare since they need only to estimate for a reduced portion of the year. The budget for January to April should be a slam-dunk!

Zbigniew Ciura



Thanks Husky staff

Just wanted to say to the staff that runs the Husky gas station that your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Every day the service is great or better. There is always fresh fruit on the counter; the washrooms are maintained on a regular basis so you never have to worry. The grounds outside as well are maintained from all the crap that people throw out of their cars because the can't be bothered to recycle or use the garbage cans.

The service is so good that one would think they had competition across the street.

Geoff Gerhart




French immersion

I am writing to respond to all the letters last week regarding the French immersion program in Pemberton.

I have a few thoughts I'd like to share on the matter. First, I went to a school in SW Calgary that had an English program, a bilingual program, First Nations students and other ethnic groups.

I can tell you that the school was incredibly cohesive. There were no First Nations in the French program but they were not outcast in any way whatsoever.

In fact it resulted in some sharing of the First Nations language outside of the classroom between the students in the different programs further enhancing and encouraging new language learning.

Second, it is the greatest gift we can give our children (other than love, safety etc..) The opportunity to learn a different language opens their eyes to different cultures, people and ideas. In a world full of diverse people with thoughts that range the full spectrum and beyond, how can it be harmful to allow our kids the chance to open more doors of communication with these people?

Once one language is learned it only gets easier to learn more. I don't have even one bit of understanding why a program that will help our kids be better ambassadors of Canada (since we are a bilingual country) would be questioned and turned down?

I myself went to an immersion school like I said.

I had friends who were English, First Nations and in the French program.  I think the environment at the school and the example of the teachers will help with this, as do team sports and integrated sports days etc..