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Given I, like many, have felt the twinge of irritation when I hear someone who is here on a working vacation ask for a local's discount, which I guess would be felt by those who have lived in Whistler since the 70's hear me suggest on the chairlift that I am "local."

So, the question: who really is a local? Personally, I know many babies and kids who could not answer any of those questions posed in last week's paper and they are all 100 per cent "made in Whistler."

In my mind, they would be more local than anyone, wouldn't they?

I have raised my two teenage boys here for the past six years, yet they haven't (I hope) been drinking at any of the places mentioned in the locals quiz or "got laid in the old Keg parking lot" or any parking lot, for that matter (ok, maybe, but unlikely).

Does this mean they are not locals? I truly believe it is time to end the elitist locals club and remember that all of us who have chosen Whistler as our permanent home, work and own businesses, raise our children and enjoy every second of this most beautiful and amazing place called Whistler are locals.

Shouldn't the only question on the test be, "Do you consider Whistler home?"

Lisa McGregor




Top Ridership Because We Have Nothing Else ...

One day, while waiting to go home after a long night of work, I was among the 30 or so people waiting for over an hour for the bus to Creekside.

One bus finally arrived, already half full, and only about half of us were able to fit on the bus. This unfortunately isn't an isolated incident.

In Whistler we pay the same price to use our transit system as they do in Vancouver. Whistler transit has so much less territory to cover and yet is scheduled badly and is obviously in need of additional busses.

This is an ongoing problem, which has been discussed many times, when is someone finally going to address the problem?

Dylan Morris




Where is the Budget?

Pardon my ignorance but I always assumed that a budget was an estimate of future income and expenses. We are now approaching April and the RMOW and its vast resources have been unable to complete the budget for the current year.