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Dance culture alive

It was encouraging to see the generous coverage accorded by last week's

Pique to the Cultural Tourism Advisory Group presentation to council, on (its) plans for a "place-based" cultural tourism strategy for Whistler.

I attended the presentation itself, and I read the report by consultant Steven Thorne, entitled "A Tapestry of Place."

It is good to know that ongoing plans are afoot to draw all of Whistler's multiple cultural threads together, so that Whistler can be seen (and marketed) as a place where many forms of arts and culture are alive and thriving for both locals and visitors.

Stephen Smysniuk, in his feature article, commented that for something like this to work, "it has to dig down deep to the grass roots, to the creators of the local arts scene, and the not-for-profits which are the cornerstone of any local culture." Well, that speaks to me because I represent that exact type of local not-for-profit group, and one which takes a very keen interest in these new plans for a place-based, locally driven cultural map.

"Dance Whistler" is a new group, with a mandate to promote and facilitate dance in our community, whether providing encouragement and practical help for local dancers and dance groups, or helping to bring guest performances and teachers/workshops into Whistler.

The local dance scene already enjoys a richly talented youth-driven presence, but we have known for some time that there are others who are hungry for more dance in Whistler, and who have lacked only a place to express their ideas on how to achieve it.

We invite those local dance fans to join us. We welcome your ideas, and your support!

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Linda McGaw



WB upgrades

In your March 3 edition, "Crystal Chair upgrades likely," Karl Ricker objects to lift development on the Blackcomb Glacier.

I support his view entirely. Taking visitors into there always draws comments of awe and wonder at the majesty and serenity. It's important to have an area where skiers/boarders, not equipped mentally or physically to deal with the backcountry, can experience the splendour of being relatively alone, without the visual pollution and inevitable garbage, the usual legacy of lifts.

Symphony Bowl was a beautiful and peaceful place to be, before the Symphony Chair was installed.

Paul Tutsch



Pay lots can't be un-built

The Whistler Chamber of Commerce recently sent out a survey on the proposed changes to the parking in lots 4 and 5.  There really isn't anything that can be added to the 'should they or shouldn't they charge for parking' debate. Nothing I say is going to sway the powers that be, so why bother?