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Ban crossbows


Ban crossbows

I believe that crossbows should be banned within the entire RMOW boundary. Crossbows launch bolts that travel almost 100 m/sec or 350 km/hr. They have a range up to 1,000 yards, however the accurate range is only 20-40 yards. Bolts can penetrate through the siding of a house and will go right through an animal's body - including pets and people. These are not ordinary bows and arrows. Crossbows are highly lethal weapons and should be treated like firearms. If firearms have been banned, then why not crossbows? As a user of trails outside of the proposed boundary, I'm very concerned about safety issues. I feel that there remains a potential for a serious accident or worse, a fatality.

Dawn Johnson



Time to plan big

The call for ideas by visiting tourist consultant Steve Thorne, hired to unlock the keys to Whistler's sustainability, provide little to stir the imagination.

Are there not any farsighted people among us with some original ideas?

We are so busy promoting restaurant "specials" and adventure deals, it's becoming a "forest for the trees" mindset, exacerbated by the continuous flogging of Own the Podium.

What we should be doing is establishing repeat concepts... such things as a culinary school with new students coming forward year after year.

Forget about a university. It spells more taxes and hassles over tuition fees. Instead let's harness the plethora of musicians that are attracted to Whistler and foster a summer chamber orchestra.

And how does an "International Iron Man (woman) Competition" sound?

Maybe we can get "horsey" people in Pemberton to initiate an annual horse show for Whistler at the new Grand Park.

Toss in a hospital that could cash in on the new specialty areas, such as the upcoming cures for multiple sclerosis and heart-valve replacement.

And wouldn't it be nice to have a local hospital where your child or grandchild could be born and when she/he is old enough to walk, (you could) take them to the outdoor floodlit ice skating rink?

Whistler hasn't really changed that much in the last 30 years. There is still really only one sidewalk throughout town... the Valley Trail. There are no streetlights in any subdivision, garbage pick-up or home mail delivery. "What are they?" asks my grandson.

We sometimes pooh-pooh Squamish as a less glorious town. But who has a hospital, two universities, sidewalks and seniors' housing?

And if Whistler ever gets around to some seniors' housing, let's do it right... close to amenities, a call for proposals on an all-around shopping facility with a pharmacy, wine and beer (off-) licence, post office and elevator if more than one floor ... covered parking, on-site garbage disposal, a recreational lounge, wheelchair access, restrictive covenants with at least one occupant aged 60 or more, (and) a priority list based on proof of residency in Whistler.