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Lost and found


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We fully recognize the critical need for extended hours, improved facilities, and practical rates at the club. We also fully support community and municipal efforts to work closely with Holborn and influence them to readdress their recent radical departure from sound tennis business practices.

Whistler desperately needs tennis for the community at a grassroots level, as part of a four-season resort, and to accommodate an aging population who historically migrate to playing tennis regularly.

Rob and Marian Davidson,

South Surrey



New lines please

Is it possible on a sunny day to re-paint the lines on the highway?

I know it IS possible because it was done during the Olympics.

Not a day goes by when I'm driving in to work, through Creekside, when I don't almost witness a head on collision from people making their own center passing lane, or stopping to turn left at an intersection in the middle of the road.

It's hard because you can't really blame the drivers because they have no idea where the invisible lines are supposed to be.

Ashley Ouellette



A life saved

I would like to thank all the people who helped my friend and house guest Vic Tilton, who suffered a major heart attack on Sunday Feb 20, while skiing Whistler.

The decision to airlift him off the mountain, to speedily get the clot busting drugs and then to fly him to VGH for an angioplasty undoubtedly saved his life.

People ensured that his daughter came off the mountain, was looked after at the clinic, and connected with all their gear.

Whistler Blackcomb was ready to get us all down to Vancouver and into a hotel, had we needed the help.

We felt well cared for at a difficult time.

And to the people stuck in traffic as the helicopter went in and out, you helped save a father, husband, grandfather, friend, coach and all the people in his life are truly grateful.

Ann McKinnon

Whistler/North Vancouver



Going with the dogs

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